$205 Left 21 Days to Go

Here’s the truth.  I don’t know how I used to do $85-$100 a week for poorganic food.  I’m guessing that all my kids have increased their eating by a TON because we are spending this money pretty quick.  I’ve been alternating between vegetarian and meatless dishes and including lots of eggs and bean dishes, but we are STILL burning through our $500.
I’ve included photos from shopping trips to Harris Teeter and Trader Joes, both of which were around $40 if I recall.  (Another problem with cash is that I don’t have the exact amounts in Quicken. Stupid cash. Debit card, I’ll be back. I love you.)

We spent $65 in the mountains on 2.5 bushels of apples and a dozen apple doughnuts, which I do not regret. I made a trip to ALDI which isn’t pictured where I spent about $20.

You can see pictures of a quiche I made and Anika’s reaction to it.  We’ve also eaten pizza, which you really should watch the VLOG for if you haven’t already. We’ve had apple pancakes, spaghetti with meatsauce, and then chicken wings/chicken nuggets tonight.

My best hope is that I can think of TONS of apple recipes and that the $295 we’ve spent has stocked us up enough to allow the remaining $205 to be spent on weekly produce and dairy.

Here’s my menu plan for the rest of the week.

Baking and Lunch Prep: Apple Muffins and Breads; Apple Sauce; Bread

Tuesday: Corn Chowder with Potatoes and Bacon

Wednesday: Black Beans with Rice

Thursday: Earth Fare (kids eat free. We might have to forego this if the temptation to spend money on groceries is too great.)

Friday: Pizza night

Saturday: Grits Casserole, Black Eyed Pea, Greens


What’s on YOUR menu for this week? How’s your monthly consumables budget going?

PS: Does it bother you that my pictures are so crappy or does it make me seem more “real” and endearing? (Here’s hoping.) Either way, sorry my pictures are so crappy.

10 thoughts on “$205 Left 21 Days to Go

  1. Let’s do Earthfare together. I will prevent unnecessary spending by checking your person and your vehicle from unauthorized purchases. 🙂

  2. That is quite a challenge! May I recommend a blog called “chickensintheroad.com” where, if you do a search, you will find several homemade hamburger helper recipes. These can be made as healthy as you can afford. We have tried most of them when we had a family of 5 whose home had been foreclosed on, living with us in our finished basement for 5 months. (they found a place to rent just one week before we lost our own home to foreclosure in Dec. 2011). These are tried and true recipes, with all of the teens giving their approval.
    Soups and stews also go a long way, especially if you can add some homemade bread or rolls.
    Eggs are a bargain, even when buying organic/free ranged. We can get ours for $2 a dozen, but that is pretty cheap, even for around here.
    Pizza, even homemade, can be pricey, but it tastes so much better than anything we used to get from the pizza joints, that we still make them at home. If we are careful not to overload them, it is not too bad. I get my cheese from Costco, which usually saves me quite a bit. I separate it immediately into the approx. amt. I need for pizza into zip lock bags and throw ’em in the freezer. I make my own sauce and freeze the extra into serving portions also. That way I have my sauce and cheese at the ready any time we are craving pizza. I do my own sourdough crust, so that is always available, also.
    It is a challenge to feed a family on a budget these days, but it can be done. Just takes a bit longer to plan and execute!


  3. Health should be the primary consideration when we purchase, and I believe that it can be done on a budget. My monthly grocery budget is $400 and we eat vegetables and fruit at almost every meal. Our meat consumption is reduced, but we are fine with this. On the other hand, I do see that the rising costs of food make buying crap food penny wise but it’s health stupid.

  4. You are the most real & endearing blogger I know–or maybe you are tied with the newest quint mom. Your photos are great, & Anika is a doll!

  5. I agree with Jane, it is so refreshing to read your blog and not feel like a total failure at feeding my family better(read more organics and more whole foods). Our menu for the week reads Mon: burgers, fries and corn on the cob, Tues: OAMM Chicken broccoli casserole (pre-made past weekend), Wed: Turkey steak Bernaise Thurs: fettuccine Fri: Beef stroganoff Sat chicken enchiladas Sun baked pork chops. Normally Mon is leftovers b/c I work a 12 hour day and only 8 hours on the others. Starting to work on next month’s menu now and trying to plan out my spending. We do a total of $600 for everything including consumables but I am also feeding four dogs nd two cats. 🙂

  6. Just started reading your blog, and I (in my best Oprah voice) loooove iiiit! I’m in the SW suburbs of Chicago trying to live on a little bit more (& things are a little bit more expensive here I think). It’s HARD. Stresses me out. Occupies way too much of my brain space. But practice makes perfect, right? Oh lord, and I have Two in diapers and One on formula (not by choice). God help me. (Did I already say that?) We are also thinking about switching churches. I feel like we are related. You know, we’re all connected… 😉
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  7. I have been considering doing this with you this month, but I have to put in an order for Azure before I start working part time and I am ordering fish and beef this month. Next month, maybe. However, I am keeping a much closer eye on my spending at the grocery store and I’m with you. I have no idea how I feed my family on so much less before!!!

  8. Running into the same problem….every month. Yes, my 4 boys are growing ALOT, but I’m now convinced that the increasing prices of food is what’s killing my budget.

    1. WE did finish the month at pretty close to $500, but we ate virtually everything in the panty. I’m not sure we will be able to do it this coming month with an empty pantry and garden.

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