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Remember Letter Verses? That great verse memorization program from days of old? Well, even though I am woefully behind on our progress through the alphabet, we have pressed on and now mastered the letter L-verse.(Just in case you’ve mistakenly assumed that Letter Verses is for kids, let me reassure you; God’s Word works on old folks too. ;))

If you are just starting out with Letter Verses, you can check out verses A-K at the Letter Verses page above. If you, like me, have trouble memorizing scripture, Letter Verses might be perfect for you for two reasons.

  1. We can call the Scriptures to mind using a mnemonic as simple as the ALPHABET.
  2. Each verse is put to music and becomes a song (that you cannot get out of your head even when you try. ;))

Once we memorize the verse, we give $1 to One Verse for a Bible translation project for the Vidunda people in Tanzania. In this way, we connect hiding God’s word in our hearts with giving God’s word to those who don’t have it. EASY PEASY!! Right?!

This month’s verse is Mark 12:30 Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength. (Click on the verse to get the printable PDF.)

(PS: I never said DOING what the verse said was easy peasy.)

The version of this song that we chose is from Lincoln Brewster. Here’s Addie singing it, followed by the official version.

Ain’t she just the cutest thing you ever did see?! You may want to turn your volume down now since the next video is a bit louder.

We are going to continue on with the Letter verses project until we accomplish our goal of having 260 verses translated for the Vidunda people. Won’t you join us in the venture that not only will enrich your Biblical knowledge, but will enable others to have the opportunity to hear God’s Word for themselves?!?

Oh, I’m looking for verse/ song suggestions for M verse.  It should be a song that sticks almost exactly to scripture and begins with the letter M.  Leave your suggestion in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “L Verse

  1. Love this idea! We’ve only just started memorizing Scripture with our 3-year-old, but he’s good! He’s got most of Psalm 1 DOWN (cute little hand motions created by Mommy included).

    How about “Man shall not live…” oh, but not sure there’s a song for it? Seeds must have one? Hm, will have to look it up… oh wait! How about that second verse of “Seek Ye First”?? Yup, that would work. Matthew 4:4 to the tune of Seek Ye First (aka Matthew 6:33). It’s a bit old-school, but kids love it!

    1. Ooo, good one. I think I might be doing “May the words of my mouth . . .” though since I am learning that for The Shut-up Project. 🙂 I’m so glad that you’ve visited from Lara’s site. She’s SUCH a great writer. 🙂

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