Is Gluten-Free Poorganic?

You don’t have to be a very long time reader of The Poorganic Life to pick up on the fact that I LOVE BREAD.  I’m pretty sure that every recipe that I’ve posted has flour in it, but I know that there are increasing numbers of people who cannot tolerate gluten.

My friend and fellow blogger, Shelly, from My Coupon Teacher recently switched to a gluten free diet WHILE maintaining her strict grocery budget, so she’s agreed to write a little guest post sharing her story. I hope you will ask her any questions you have, and check out her blog where she features lots of poorganic and food-allergy related coupons. 🙂

Why  Gluten-Free?

I was recently re-diagnosed with a chronic health condition.  Some of you know the kind.  The kind where they suggest  you change your diet.  “Stop eating acidic foods,” they say.  They offer you medicine to help the pain.  They say, “Oh, you poor thing” and send you on your way.

Being the teacher I am, I headed straight for the books.  I found some of my own treatments, and some even worked really well.  But the problem was still there.   Another book said to try gluten-free, but I just couldn’t bring myself to go that “extreme”.

Back at the doctor, I found out that I had a vitamin D deficiency.  If you google vitamin D deficiency, Celiac disease comes up pretty quickly in the results.

I think all things happen for a reason, so I decided to give it try.  I also picked up another book called Wheat Belly, which I recommend as reading for anyone with similar health problems.

4 months later and gluten-free, I am pain free, 25 pounds lighter, and feel much better.  Am I sure it was the gluten?  In a word, no.  Could it be the fact that removing gluten from my diet removed many, many processed foods too?  Probably, yes.

Is it for everybody?

I am not a doctor.  I am not recommending everyone try eating gluten-free.  I’m just sharing my experience here!  If you have any type of auto-immune disease or inflammation, I would highly recommend trying it out for 3 weeks.

I can tell you that now that I am feeling better (and gluten-free) that I have been able to reintroduce tomatoes and other more acidic foods back into my diet with no problems.

Is it Poorganic?

It depends on how you go about going gluten-free.  There are two ways to do it in my opinion:

  1. Go gluten-free and search around finding gluten-free alternatives to your favorite breads, pastas, and cookies. (Not Poorganic)
    If you are eating processed food without wheat, it is still processed food.  Oh, and as for being inexpensive?  You can give up that dream.  You can expect pay twice as much or more for your gluten-free processed foods.
  2. Go gluten-free and replace bread, pasta, and snacks with vegetables, fruits, and nuts.
    Is that not the whole point of eating pooranically?  I can tell you for sure, I would not have lost the weight if I had done option #1.  The weight lose comes from taking this step.   Think about it.  If you stop buying processed foods, you have lots of money left for veggies, fruits, and nuts.

This is a guest post by Shelly from Coupon Teacher.  She is offering a Saving On Real Food series, and she has been posting some of her own gluten-free recipes.

Are you gluten-free? What caused you to try it? What’s your favorite gluten free meal?

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  1. I suspected my ibs symptoms had something to do with gluten for quite some time. I have been suffering forap almost my whole adult life. So finally last november I had had enough and went gluten free (with an occassional regular treat that I usually pay for). For the last few months I felt like that was not enough and that I needed to remove grains from my diet all together. My ds has also suffered with learning and developmental delays since he was an infant. I highly suspect he is on the autism spectrum so I decided that for a while the whole family was going off grains to support him and me. Instead of baked goods made with wheat or gluten free grains I make baked goods with almond and coconut flour (not poorganic) several times a week to satisfy our bread cravings:) I’m hoping this will help us all. I have a very strict grocery budget and have been able to stick to it. I am still able to buy all my favorite farm fresh foods like raw milk, eggs, sweetners, meats and poultry within my budget. This is a big priority for me.

    1. Sherri, it sounds poorganic to me! I know several people who have gone grain free and found it to be hugely beneficial. I’m highly suspicious that the way that our grains are being processed these days are creating these intolerances. So far, my family doesn’t seem to be suffering with grain issues, but I’ll tell you right now that if we had to go off grains, I would definitely have to find SOME way to make breads and muffins.

      1. Have you checked out the prices for almond flour and coconut flour=-O…not poorganic for sure! Over $7 a lb…

        1. Aw man! That’s terrible. I’m going to ask my other grain free friends what they do for the best deal. I guess it’s one of those things we have to “adjust” to like buying coconut oil instead of canola, which is WAY cheaper.

  2. I appreciate this post! I’m an on again, off again gluten free eater. I’ve tried it for health reasons (low vitamin levels and anemia, some stomach issues), and it has seemed to help at least a little. But it’s sometimes hard to follow strictly, so that’s why I’m on again, off again. It depends on how much I’ve eaten as to when and if any symptoms return, so I’m not sure if gluten is actually my problem…but I do think cutting out bread at every meal and pasta as well as many processed foods has helped me tremendously, in general. 🙂 I don’t buy GF alternatives – they’re way too expensive!

    Favorite gluten free meal: lemon/garlic chicken with green beans and a salad!

  3. What a great post. I suffer from depression and mood swings. I was enlightened by a neighbor that his own struggle with depression led to celiac, and I have a family history and I am beginning t research how we can make some changes in our diet for me to try it and see if it helps me as well.
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  4. I have gone glutten free, trying to work out some issues I have had my whole life. What I know is that I FEEL better when I do it, but it didn’t resolve the specific issue I was looking at. My brother does not eat grains at all and feels WAY better. When I went GF I immediately lost 5 lbs…. it is worth doing… but it is HARD.
    I agree that the Poorganic way to do it is not to replace those wheat products with a GF expensive alternative, but to eat more fruit, veg and what not. Replacing them is expennnnnnsive.

  5. Ladies, I appreciate all your comments! I know several gals who have read Wheat Belly and have since gone gluten free. I also have a chronic condition, not Celiac, but have been forced to really think about nutrition. As a result we have become a gluten REDUCED family! My kids and husband still have the occasional chips, bread, etc., but I have eliminated most of that from my diet. I do feel a little better and have noticed my cravings have gone from sugar and sweets to blackberries and tomatoes!
    I am CONVINCED the processing of grains in our country, the world, has a negative effect on health. Period.
    Thanks again!

  6. Great, thought-provoking article, Katrina! Our family is not on a gluten-free diet, but we have tried over the last few years to buy only local, organic, and whole-foods as much as possible. We also take digestive enzymes to help with the digesting and processing of the whole foods, and it has helped tremendously! It was so great getting to meet you, along with the other lovely ladies, this past weekend. My best friend reads your blog, and she was very impressed that I got to meet you in person. 🙂 May God continue to bless you with fresh inspiration and direction as you blog; you’re doing a great job already!! Have a great week!
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    1. I am curious about the digestive enzymes that you take. Also, do you soak your grains? I’ve been back and forth on this issue. Tell your best friend that I said “HI!” Hopefully we can connect again some time and talk “food blogs.” 🙂

      1. Yes, I’d love to get together again and chat. We do not soak our grains, but we only buy and eat organic, sprouted whole-grain breads. They are usually frozen, and we always keep them in the fridge, as they have no preservatives, and will spoil quickly. They have so much more protein, and I believe that they are easier to digest and are more absorbable (totally not a word, I know) by your body than regular grains. The digestive enzymes we use are made by “Source Naturals”, and they are labeled, “Daily Essential Enyzmes” I know that there are a ton of different kinds out there, but these are just the first that we’ve tried. If you try them for yourself, I’d love to know what you think. Great “talking” to you! Have a great weekend!
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  7. You have some fantastic tips here!! My little niece is so very proud of her “Lima Bean Bag Garden,” lol

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