The Low Ryder Hates Change

If you are getting this by e-mail or feed reader, you should click over to the website to see that things are a little funky in what used to be the land of The Low Ryder.

“WAIT!!”  You think.

“What did she do?!” You say.

“Where’s the LOW RYDER?” You shriek!

Or maybe you aren’t shrieking. Maybe you just roll with the punches because you love change and don’t really care that I changed the title, the color, the header, or anything.  Maybe you love the new look. Or maybe you are totally unobservant and didn’t notice.

But for a few of you, I am here to calm you down because I know EXACTLY how you are feeling, so I will explain what has happened to you.

I had to change the name of the site.  About a week after I started this site (a year and a half ago), I found out that Low Ryder is a kind of low growing marijuana plant undetectable by search planes.

What?!?!  Hmmm. Well that’s not good.  Here I had just thought it was a clever spin on my last name; I’m so naive.  I resolved that I would change the name of the site right away. (If you are googling LowRyder, stop it. Stop it right now I tell you!!)

And then some time passed.

Seeing how I despise change to the utter core of my being, you will understand that it was easier to tolerate having a site named after a marijuana plant than to figure out what to name it instead.  Who knows? Maybe the stoners who unwittingly came upon my site found some good tips for couponing? I’m sure that they did.

And then some more time passed.

And I got tired of trying to explain how to spell Ryder or tell people that my site had nothing to do with  . . .

a.) weed

b.) low rider trucks

c.) anything implied by the name

THUS, it is with great hesitation and deliberation and excitement that I reveal the new name of the site— The Poorganic Life!

If you are worried that I am only going to talk about organic food or poverty, I am not. I am just going to be writing the same ol’ stuff as ever.

The new title came, obviously from the idea behind “Eating Poorganically”, but it goes beyond that.  The more that I tossed that word around in my head the more I realized that is was kind of a funny, tongue in cheek description for the way I have approached lots of areas of my life beyond just food.  I hope we live “poor in spirit” and I hope that more than just our food is real and organic. I hope that WE are real and organic because of our faith in Christ.  I want us to live The Poorganic Life!  If you want to read more about the title, go to the About page where I have nerdily explained every nuance of the name.

Alright change-haters, I know. Stop nervously tearing your nails with your teeth and wondering what this is going to mean.  Basically NOTHING is going to change. The Low Ryder address will just direct you here. The subscription and feeds have been transferred. All will be well, AND you get to scroll up and see the lovely Poorganic tree. It’s so beautiful. See how it’s changing. 🙂

For those of you who love change and already have the iPod12 or whatever just came out, we have some NEW CHANGES that you will love.

1.) The one awesome addition is that the “Eating Poorganically” Facebook Page is now “The Poorganic Life” Facebook page, so if you want to (and I sincerely hope you do) GO LIKE “The Poorganic Life” on Facebook.

2.) Because I was forced against my change-hating will, I joined Twitter and you can “follow” me at “poorganic.” Don’t worry. I’m not much of a tweeter–mostly because being a “tweeter” sounds so creepy.

Any questions?  What do you think of the new look and name? (Pleeeze don’t say anything mean because I was crippled by indecision for 18 months and can only receive affirmation now. :))


12 thoughts on “The Low Ryder Hates Change

  1. Well, I love the whole thing!!! The color, the tree, and all the nerdy things that you’ve figured out to go with the name. Awesome!

  2. Learned something new: definition of low rider. 🙂 Thanks for the education.
    LOVE the new decor…and looking forward to the next adventure. 🙂

  3. I like it. It looks very professional. I’m glad for the explanation though because I was a little confused about the status of the Low Ryder and why I wasn’t seeing any new posts from the Low Ryder. I thought you had gone completely Uborganic.

  4. This is actually Carrie’s mom, but I speak for both of us: we love the reasons behind the name CHANGE & the CHANGE itself. We love the blog, love your wisdom & humor, love the Ryders most of all.

  5. It’s the content I enjoy. I’m not really tied to the name or header. I just like the way you write, and think! You always make me giggle and I love the pics. Keep up the good work!

    1. Well, Bob, I really hope you mean that you have shared my blog with your friends not some species of cannabis. 😉 Maybe your friends will like The Poorganic Life just as well?

  6. A low rider is a customized car. Singularly cool. Like your writing. I thought Low Ryder was clever.

  7. all i want to do is sing that song…”all my friends have a low de de de de de de. da da da da da. (ha ha ha ha) its late in Germany, cut a girl a break.
    I LOVE, LOVE, the new name. I think it is perfect.

    miss you
    erin a

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