Trip to the Pet Store

Last Wednesday the Providinator called to ask if we had money for a little family dinner outing.  He wanted to go to the pet store for an algae eater for his classroom fish tank.  Since kids love pet stores (especially kids without pets), he though we could all go together, grab dinner somewhere quick, get the fish, and then head back to his school to put it in the tank before the school was locked.  Naturally, since I was in my usual mealplanless state, I hunted down a local deli-chain (where kids eat free on Wednesdays) and gave the plan a thumbs up.

When I picked the kids up after school, I told them that we were going out for dinner at a restaurant.  I wanted them to hurry and get ready so we could leave as soon as the Providinator got home from his faculty meeting.  After all, the Kids Eat Free thing started at 4 PM, and it really would be a crime to get there a moment later to snag our free food.

Of course, they ignored me and started playing.  Eventually, I hollered, “GET DRESSED! We’re going to a REST-AUR-ANT!”

Now, you should know that we don’t eat out very often.  And you should know, based on the fact that we have three small kids, that when we DO eat out, most of the restaurants we go to are . . . um . . McDonalds.  So I don’t know if my urgent tone sent the message that “REST-AUR-ANT” was going to be  something more spectacular than an order at the counter deli, or if they just don’t get out much, but this is what they came out in.

I'm not sure what I love most about this photo. Probably Dylan's shoes.

They were so precious that I couldn’t even tell them that they looked a bit overdressed. The few looks we got at the restaurant and the pet store were totally worth it.

And you know, if you just roll with it, going out to a deli with your family and buying a fish really can be a special occasion. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Trip to the Pet Store

  1. Love it. Some days they like to crawl on their hands and knees and eat cheerios out of bowls and lap water up, and other days they like to dress up and go to pet stores. Just go with it. That is my (the one I wish I could have all the time but only maintain sporadically) motto – Just go with it. 🙂

  2. How adorable! What a great start to my day! And East Coast delis ARE very special. How I wish we had one here in Little D, the land of endless BBQ & Fletcher’s corny dogs.

  3. I keep coming back to this post, esp. the photo (of the children, not the algae eater). I think what I love most about it is their “pleased as punch” smiles. That, and Dylan’s shoes.

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