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After a cut-throat game of "Pretty, Pretty Princess," Dylan kicked my tail. This picture has nothing whatsoever to do with anything in this post except that it is awesome and I needed a photo to entice you to read it. Sorry, sometimes I have to be sneaky to get you in.

Alright Low Ryder fans, you are needed.  I am adding a “Favorites” section to my categories with links to your favorite Low Ryder posts.  However, I would like to link YOUR ACTUAL favorite posts, not mine, though they might be the same.  Ideally, this “Favorites” section will highlight the kind of writing that keeps you coming back.  My goal is to help  new readers who find The Low Ryder to see “Favorites” and be able to read something great even if the most recent article was something lame about my groceries or hummus-making. (Hmmm. . . note to self . . . Write more non-lame posts.)

Thus . . . (my father has expressed annoyance at the frequency with which speakers and writers of my generation begin sentences with “So . . “; therefore, I am shaking things up with “thus”)

Whilst thou take five seconds to comment on what your favorite post or posts are?  If you don’t remember the post name, you can just try typing a description into the search bar, such as “The One Where You Had to Find the Gift Card on the Floor of the Movie Theater” or “The One Where Addie Stole” or “The One Where You Compare Tomato Plants to Your Spiritual Life” or “The One Where You Hate Savings.”  All those searches in my handy-dandy Low Ryder search bar turned up the right post. You try it!

Of course, feel free to go back and read them all if you must.  In fact, do that anyway.  It’s fun.  BUT COMMENT. PLEASE COMMENT. Just one little favorite . . . please. Please. Please.

Thanks. Love ya!

10 thoughts on “The Favorites

  1. I liked “Then Laugh” too. It reminded my of why your mom and I have been so close, despite physical distance, for so many years (I put the number in here, then decided it made us sound old!). I too shared a tow truck adventure with her in NC and it also “spoiled” our plans for the day, but we had a ball hiding in the back seat footwells of the car on the trip home when we found out only one could ride in the truck cab and no one was supposed to be in the car being towed. I have seen her deeply saddened and I’ve seen her cry, but you’re right – she chooses joy and marches toward it with vigorous steps. It also made me wish I could hug her right now…

  2. I’m a newbie to this adventure. I was inspired to get garbanzo beans out of my freezer to make tummus today, so I enjoyed that post. I obviously need to read some of those mentioned in previous comments. How do I FIND “Then laugh“??

    I also LOVED LOVED I Love Ram.


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