Happy Reading

A quick shout out to those of you who are subscribed by e-mail to my blog . . . we’ve had technically difficulties, so you probably haven’t gotten my last few posts in your e-mail.  Maybe you were so desperate to see what was going on that you came to the site in desperation, found them, and read them anyway, but just in case you didn’t, they are really good ones that you don’t want to miss.

The most important thing that I must say about the technical difficulties is that I FIXED THEM!!!  Me. Me. The Low Ryder. Katrina, for whom technological savvy is ever elusive.  To whom the phrase “coding error” means only, “place head on keyboard and weep.”


I know, right? Pick yourself up off the ground.

And then go read my last few posts that you missed. 🙂

(Of course, should you NOT actually get this post in your e-mail, that would be embarrassing.  Please let me know as much, so I will delete this gloating post.)

2 thoughts on “Happy Reading

  1. I know how much comments can mean…. I want to say something meaningful here… You are awesome!

  2. “coding error” means only, “place head on keyboard and weep.”

    Gotta love it!! I’ll send you a list of error messages that I think are appropriate.

    By the way, I got this first through email and sent you a comment back. It didn’t make sense there, but it makes sense here. 🙂

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