From Last Year’s Truth . . .

Alright, I know that it is a cop-out that I am doing two nights in a row of re-runs, but in my defense, I am researching for new blog post ideas.

(This is code for “I am reading a lot of other blogs, getting disheartened by comparing mine to theirs, and then coming back with blogger’s block because I have wiled away my inspiration in blogenvy.”)

Wow. Is it just me or does “Blogger’s block” sounds like some horrific kind of constipation.Β  Or a really lame neighborhood for people who sit around with mysterious illnesses like “blogenvy.”

Anywho . . . so that you don’t have to continue reading my “brilliant” internal monologue, I am reposting a little story from last summer that is always a good reminder for those of us who are professional couponers. Or really professional anything.

Everyone has bad days at work sometimes. πŸ™‚

Speaking of my work (other than being a very successful blogger ;)), I’m taking a little two question reader poll.Β  1. Do you coupon? 2. Which coupon blogs do you follow if any?

3 thoughts on “From Last Year’s Truth . . .

  1. Yes, I coupon. I actually just made the switch to using a binder for them (this prompted by losing my old accordion style holder, and all the coupons that were in it.)
    The site I use the most is, because it is somewhat local and does the grocery stores near me. Also, I find this searchable coupon database very helpful —

  2. I do some couponing – newspaper and some computer. I get really annoyed when there’s a great coupon, they run you through the whole register thing and then, “Oh, sorry, there’s no more coupons left.” I also hate the LIKE requirement for Facebook to get coupons. Just let me have your coupon or I don’t buy your product. Saves me a whole lot more than the coupon anyway. πŸ™‚

    But I checked out Megan’s link and found $14 worth that I’ll use. Thanks!

  3. Hello!! I hope your blogger’s block doesn’t last too long! I love reading your blog and learning from you!! I had blogger’s block that lasted 2 or 3 months. πŸ™ But now I’m back! πŸ™‚

    OH! And I have some questions about teaching since I’ll be starting in the fall. Could I ask/email them to you??

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