What I Meant to Blog About

So I disappeared.  My friend Kathy noticed and asked me where I was.  I don’t know the answer exactly, but maybe there is a name for the place that mothers disappear to when they can’t find themselves in their own life.  That is where I’ve been.  Is that funny or sad? I’m not sure.  Here I am blogging again, so maybe I am back.

A walk on a mountain with my husband and no children has cleared my brain.  This points me to three crucial needs in my life.

a. mountains

b. my husband

c. walking with no children–at least occasionally

As for whether or not I will disappear again, I cannot promise.  It was by accident in the first place.  But to illustrate my time, here are some photos that I took of things that I meant to blog about, proving that it was on my mind.

I just failed to get to the stage of actually sitting down to write.

But I thought about it. So that counts, right?

You can put the posts together in your mind. Creatively.

And full of humor if you don’t mind.

Anika's first coloring
For a post on coupon victories and what a catalina looks like
A "before" picture of our French doors without the new window treatment--for a series I was going to do on cheap decorating tips
Cookies that were a hit!
"Before" of my cabinet tops prior to my rearranging them (And corner of new window treatment) Part of unwritten decorating series. (You're not sad I didn't write it, are you?)
The gorgeousness of Dylan
For a post on organizing--Pulling out the clothes for Fall--the "BEFORE"
In the reorganizing, I realized I own a whopping FIVE things that I bought NEW with my own money. (As opposed to second hand or received as gifts.) This is one of them. Funny or sad? You decide.
This is another. I wore this to our wedding rehearsal dinner 8 years ago.
More "AFTER"
At Disney on Ice--half hour past normal bedtime--both kids have fake-o smile and glazy eyes. Whereas my eyes and smile . . . . radiant, right?
On the way home from Disney on Ice after I made Dylan pee in sidewalk grate in downtown Charlotte ,but he missed and peed on his jeans and shoe.
My beautiful littles.
This was for a post about Anika's sweet baby-mullette since her awesome leopard socks were also showing
For post on getting picture of three kids. 2 of 3 looking at camera
0 of 3 at camera--Stupid hand in photo
0 of 3 at camera. D pumpkin-eye
1 of 3. Anika losing interest. Parents give up.
1 of 1. We can always count on Addie to pull out the perfect pose
Gourd, mamma?
D is fearless of llama 1 at petting animal ranch.
Llama 2
Llama 3
Massive buffalo with curly bleached Fro. Buffal-fro?
Massive Buffalo!! Seriously D!? Take a clue from the Evil EYE!
To Boldly go (into the haystack maze)
The most beautiful sight
How HOT is my man!!?
The walk that revived the Low Ryder. (No comments on my wretched posture please. The sitting surface was not level.) This is where we got engaged 8.5 years ago!

Now that I have done this in summary, I realize how easy it is to capture a thousand words in a picture. I also slightly question why I often do it in a thousand words. Perhaps a break from blogging might be a good thing every now and then.

So do you actually want me to post about any of those things or should we just move on?  I’m very task-oriented and you guys are my boss. Kathy, thanks for the kick in the pants! 🙂

7 thoughts on “What I Meant to Blog About

  1. I love this post. I loved all the pictures. And I LOVE that shirt your wore to your rehearsal!!!!

  2. Well, if you’re in need of mountains, you should take a trip to visit us… we’ve got mountains galore that you can get to in just a short 15 – 20 minute drive. Sound tempting?? That and I’ll make you guys dinner 🙂

  3. Have to admit I missed your blog. You have a delicious way with words and it makes the distance between us feel much smaller. But I know how very, very busy being a mom can be. I’ll be grateful for whatever you have time to write. 🙂

  4. i missed the blog, too! i checked everyday with a disappointed huff when i found the newest post was the old re-post. but then i reminded myself that i can’t depend on katrina to entertain me. for pete’s sake. she has her own three kids, laundry, and exhaustion. 🙂

    the three kids looking at the camera set of pics was funny because it is soooo true.

    i would love to see the post on cheap decorating… i’ll take any help in that area that i can get.

    um, weren’t the animals at the petting zoo scary? i thought so. nate got in that little walk way between the two sets of pens and started crying because the camel poked his head way out and he was freaking looking! poor guy (nate, not the camel). also, where was the haystack maze? i wanted to do that! do you know of any other things like that around? cornfield mazes and such? anyone?

    1. and by “freaking looking” i, of course, meant freaky looking. check before you send, kristen!

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