Top Ten Reasons Why I am NOT WEANING my baby

So as my baby’s one year birthday has come and gone, there are an increasing number of people who have asked me when I am going to wean her.  It seems that for many people the first birthday marks the end of the reasonable time period for nursing, after which something must be slightly weird with you if you continue.  So in defense of my choice, here are my top ten reasons for NOT weaning my baby.

1. She nurses three times a day for 7-10 minutes at a feeding.  This means that I get to sit down for AT LEAST 20 minutes per day if I continue. Shouldn’t this be enough of a reason?

2. I also get to hold her without her trying to squirm away for AT LEAST 20 minutes per day. She’s my baby; did I mention?

3.  My milk is free compared with cow’s milk being around $3 a gallon.  While she does drink regular milk, nursing cuts the cost of what she would drink.

4. She’s my last baby, so this is my way of clinging to her babyhood.  She’ll grow up soon enough.

5. It is selfish, but when I wean her I will go from being a “nearly B”  back to negative A for the rest of my life.  This reason silenced my husband.

6. It is one of the few slightly granola things that I’m able to pull off. I can’t get a tatoo or pierce my nose or play guitar, so I guess lifetime nursing will be my thing. 🙂

7.  Not weaning her seems to be annoying a group of people in my life that I’m really enjoying irritating.

8. Nursing soothes her when she is teething, whereas Motrin gives her diarrhea, which in turn gives her a rash.  Is it “weird” to pick the diarrhea-less, rash-less option?

9. We both enjoy it.  Her future will be chock full of times where I won’t give her what she wants, but I’m going to put that off for a few more months.

10. Do I really need ten reasons? She not in middle school. She doesn’t walk over and tug on my shirt. She doesn’t have braces.  If I’m still nursing her when she goes to Kindergarten, then we can talk.  As for when I plan to wean her, later. I don’t know yet.

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10 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons Why I am NOT WEANING my baby

  1. You go girl! Samuel was “ahem” much older when I stopped nursing him…and he is shockingly well adjusted to life. I would add to you list a number 11.


  2. I always support “weird” breastfeeders. c-: I nursed until B was almost 2, and then he just sort of naturally trailed off. It was a very easy transition.

    My pediatrician says they still get health benefits until age 2. Some people in her family nursed to age 3 just for the bonding aspect.

  3. Reason #7 is enough for me. I think annoying those who need to be annoyed is a perfect reason! 😀 I only “actively” weaned 1 of my 4 and it was both for medical reasons and due to the fact that I had been nursing or pregnant for over 3 years straight and I needed a break. Go for it! She’ll let you know when she’s done (my other 3 stopped being interested around 15 months).

  4. i do have a nose piercing, but i can’t play guitar and i won’t get a tatoo… here in france its ‘weird’ past 6 mo. so, at 16 mo… er, i’m extra terrestrial.
    however, she isn’t ready to be done, and she does tug on my shirt and i don’t mind.
    it’s GOOD for her and good for me, and i Love all your reasons. 🙂

  5. When given the disapproving looks, I would launch into the thousands of health benefits of extensive nursing until their eyes glazed over, at which point I figured I’d made my point. 🙂 Way to go and keep it up!

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