My Cheap Trick: Swimmy Diapers

This idea is courtesy of my friend Melissa.  THANKS SO MUCH sharing your cheap trick.

“My cheap trick involves the “Little Swimmers” swim diapers. I really need to give credit to my husband as this is really his idea.  🙂 We have a pool which means we are in it about everyday in the summertime. Since the cost of these little swimmers is around 7-8 dollars for 18 (yes, only 18!),  my hubby decided that we could let the CLEAN ones dry out and use them again. And, he was right! They dry out perfectly fine and can be used again without any problems. It probably is important to mention that I have only done one re-use, not sure if it would work for more.”

I can attest that Melissa’s idea is a great one because I have done this many times.  My only added caution would be to give the used diaper a quick sniff.  You might miss the pee pee when using only the visual check and the odor of the dried pee-pee Swimmy diaper will KNOCK YOU OUT.

Since we are talking about being cheap with swimmy diapers, here are a few other tips.

  1. USE COUPONS on swimmies!  Lots of coupons come out and often CVS has receipt coupons that you can stack with a manufacturer coupon.
  2. Stock up for next summer!   Little Swimmers are on clearance now for about $4 a bag at most grocery stores.  With a coupon, you can get a bag for $2-$3.  Speaking of which . . .
  3. If you can get a great price, USE them instead of PULL-UPS!  They aren’t quite as absorbent as a Pull-up, but they are certainly more absorbent than underwear.  Since we are still in the stage where I hesitate to take my potty-trainee out of the house in only undies, this is a great back up AND at clearance prices, WAY CHEAPER than PULL-UPS.
  4. Do you have any other great ideas about swimmy diapers?

5 thoughts on “My Cheap Trick: Swimmy Diapers

    1. Yes, Danielle, I agree and think your idea is a good one, but beware when holding a baby. It probably depends on the kind and I have not tried the brand you recommended. I got some cloth swimmies and Anika peed in them and, as they are really not designed to be very absorbent, it ran ALL over me. I was not in the water or even in a bathing suit, so it really stunk being peed on (literally). As much as I’m a cloth diaper girl, with babies, especially, I use Little Swimmers. I almost always get them for almost nothing at CVS and with reusing and such, I find it is worth it.


  1. Guess I’m in the minority who thinks re-using disposable is a little “ewwww.” 😀

    We’ve never had any issues with our cloth swim diapers. I’ve always been a little skeptical about swim diapers in that all they’re really good for is keeping poop out of the pool. Ah, well, to each their own — that’s what makes the world interesting! 🙂

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