Welcome Back Me and You

There could be a long post explaining where I have been and why I haven’t been blogging, but I will summarize.

1. My blog was broken until a week ago. Well, just broken in the sense that I, an imbecile of technology, could not operate it.

2. After my blog was fixed, my daughter got a fever resulting in extreme neediness and lack of energy. Also she missed 4 days of Kindergarten.

3. After my daughter recovered from her fever, I was frantically reading East of Eden for book club and did not have time to blog.

4. Book club was Friday night. (East of Eden rocks by the way.)

5. Last night I watched a movie with J because I was too tired to move and drag my body to bed. (Men who Stare at Goats does NOT rock by the way.)

6. Tonight I decided to spend the evening blogging but first I was determined to get my e-mail inbox down below 300 messages (my personal max) because somehow in the midst of this crazy week it was at 372.

7. Now it is down to 115 messages and I wasted all my blogging time reading e-mails between my little sister and me from 2007 talking about playdates. She is such a clever writer that I did not want to delete them then. But I deleted them because she is just as clever now, so she can recreate.

8. Speaking of which, I am tantalizing her to become a regular guest poster on my blog. Here we are when she came to PNG to visit me back in 2006 before we had three year olds that aged us both to the haggard condition you find us now.  I mean, not that we are so haggard.  Let’s just say it’s been a couple years since I could find a picture of us together un-pregnant with genuine smiles. 🙂

9. How have you been in my absence?

4 thoughts on “Welcome Back Me and You

  1. Okay, I will only comment this for anyone who has read this far and may be wondering “WHY are K’s bewbs TOTALLY askew?!?” And the answer is, I do not know. But they are not like that in real life.

  2. hahahah! i hadn’t noticed until you said it- but wow, they are… maybe it’s time for a post on finding under garments that fit??

  3. I still have the same rack, but I can’t wear that shirt anymore because of something that happened to the flesh on my back. It multiplied. But I can STILL WEAR THOSE PANTS! Katrina’s crookedness is because her boob had to go under when it found itself in competition with mine in the picture. And HEY! I want to read old emails where I was clever!! Maybe I need to remember! 🙂

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