The Stow Can’t Even Handle Me Right Now

Okay before you start reading, you have to open another window and link to this song while you read.

Last week when J and I were watching So You Think You Can Dance, we heard this artist, who’s called FLO RIDA (rhymes with Low Rydah) and he sang this song.

This song is from Step It Up 3D, which I can’t wait to see.  Don’t laugh. You know you wish you could admit it.  (As a tangent, I must add that when I went to see Eclipse with a group of women in their late 30s and early 40s.  When the Step It Up preview came on, several of them sarcastically quipped, “Oh, I can’t wait to see that.”  I resisted the deep inner urge to point out the tremendous irony.  I mean, hello?!? We are sitting here drooling over teenagers to whom we could have given birth.  At least there is a viable possibility that I could become a famous hip-hop dancer, right?!)   Anyway, back to me and FLO RIDA.  As I was making fun of him (it’s what I do when I see people on TV who are cooler than me), J said, you should do a remix called “The Store Can’t Even Handle Me Right Now.”

And let me just tell you . . . it can’t handle me. The Sto Can’t Even Handle Me Right Now.

I just HAVE to show you my killer take from HT today. When I first started couponing, J laughed at me because I’d lay the receipts on the counter like, in his words, “a cat laying dead mice by the door to impress his master.”

So, here are my photos from super doubles at HT today. Often when I’ve done special coupon weeks, I have a really low bill, but then I also have a bunch of CRAP.  I impressed myself by getting everything on our list for the week, including produce for $56.  Check it out!

I know, right!!??!? Total score! It's ridickalous!

Okay, so I did get a little bit of non-healthy food, but it’s not really junk.  Just in case you need to see more detail . . .

Just in case you needed a close up. Dylan posing with the juice.

And because no picture is complete without my kids getting in on the action . . .

Each of the kids grabbed a juice.

So I think that I’ll head back next Tuesday to do next week’s shopping while Super Doubles is running.  And then hopefully that food will last us until PAYDAY, which is now only two weeks away.  I am beginning to realize that we have held out for this payday for so many things that it is probably going to be a bit of a sting that teachers haven’t had a pay raise in two years.   My expectations may be set a bit high, especially since J informed me yesterday that he has to have a crown put in next month.  Oh joy, there goes any surplus.  At least he’s married to Cheapalicious, whom the STORE CANNOT EVEN HANDLE. (I am so freakishly dorky. I typed “whom” in my R&B lyric. Ughh.)

2 thoughts on “The Stow Can’t Even Handle Me Right Now

  1. LOL–really, I did! I am alone in the house and laughed out loud. Simply hilarious. Please don’t stop blogging!

    The HT cashier congratulated me on my money saving skillz on Weds. I never knew grocery shopping could be fun 🙂


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