Week 4 and 5 Update

Rather than continuing to search high and low for the cord that connects the camera to the computer, I am simply going to upload a picture from last year’s beach trip since the photo is in no way connected to this post anyway. It is only to lure you in.

Here’s the update from the last two weeks, which I admit I am fudging a bit since this cash and receipts thing has me all confused.  I might just switch back to debit so I can keep better track. Or I might try to figure out mvelopes.com since I think that would be a good system. Unfortunately I am totally technologically challenged, so we’ll just have to see.

Weeks 4 and 5: Budget $380

-$21 Harris Teeter: Milk, Bread, Newspaper, Peaches, Apples, Bananas, Cheese after return from beach

-$20 Gas for Explorer: almost on E as Addie and I went to church this AM

-$34 Riverbanks Zoo

-$34 CVS 2 boxes diapers, pair sunglasses, 2 bottles shampoo, 2 fusion razors, 2 boxes Ibuprofen,  tube toothpaste, and a gallon of milk $9 ECBs remaining. 🙂

-$15 Lowes Food; groceries for beach

-$28 Harris Teeter; $70 worth of groceries for beach

-$14 Target; b-day present for nephew

-$15 Walgreens; cat food (long story), three bars neutrogena soap, razor, Off-fan refills (These work great!), fly swatter, 2 toothbrushes, 2 bottles Gatorade

-$36 Seafood Dinner in Calabash

-$11 Lunch with Friend

-$10 Ice Cream at the Creamery

-$6 More Ice Cream

-$12 McDonalds for school’s out celebratory breakfast

-$40 Gas to and from the zoo and pre-beach

-$75 Gas to and from the beach. Tank is still quite full.

-$38 Father’s Day Presents (actually I had some other money that I supplemented this with, so we really spent more than this, but  . . . .like I said, I’m fudging)


$13 left

I think I will use the remaining for a Super Doubles @ Harris Teeter run tonight. I think I might “pay” us early for week 6, so I can make the most of Super Doubles (all coupons up to $1.98 will double.)

I need to make the next month’s menu too. Ugghh . . . too much to do.

2 thoughts on “Week 4 and 5 Update

  1. Hey K, the photo was a bit of an attention getter. I thought you were expecting your fourth!

  2. I am posting this on your blog in the hopes you will get it faster than any other medium, as it is too late to call. You can reach me by rail way, you can reach my airplane, I don’t care how you reach me, just call me between 7 and 7:30 am tomorrow… 😉

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