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The Ryder Superhero Family: Just don a quilt, up, up, and away!

Since J is home all summer long, we have to make sure that we have activities that keep us busy and prevent us from driving each other crazy.  For this reason, we like to have a daily activity for each day that helps both us and the kids.  Last summer, when we still only had two kids, we made sure that we split up the kids so both J and I had a day “off” of kids, so that we could get our own work done.  This year we have a baby with two naps to figure into the mix, but here’s the plan we’re thinking of for the weeks when we’re home.

Easter Sunday with Family

It’s a good guideline and helps us to have an agenda to follow

Sunday- Church/ Often a Day with Family celebrating one of a gazillion birthdays

My little Artist Cowgirl last summer. Now she can write her name properly. 🙂

Monday- Crafts and Culinary Projects Day. Addie adores art.  The challenge will be finding activities that Dylan can help with. This will be J’s day “off” for doing his own projects.

Tuesday-Movie Day; Many theaters in our area offer free movies. J will take them and I will have cleaning day at home with Anika.


I love a new library book!

Pool and/or library day. After our beach week, we think we can join the YMCA, so this might be our main Y day. In addition to regularly frequenting the public library, J’s school library is opening on Wednesday afternoons all summer long, so we’ll probably take Addie to that.

Thursday- Field trip day. There are lots of great affordable places to go without going far.  We like to alternate big trips, that take a full day, with smaller ones.  Here are a few I’m considering.

  • Zoo-We went yesterday; it was fun!
  • Cane Creek Park (right here in town) for picnic and lake swimming
  • Dan Nicholas Park–has more activities, but is an hour away
  • Peach Picking at a Peach Farm–further away
  • Discovery Place- Children’s Science Museum here in Charlotte
  • Ride the light rail to downtown Imagine On–Children’s Discovery area
  • A Play at Children’s Theater or local community college
  • BEACH (definitely will do that one in just a few days)
  • MOUNTAINS–hiking, tubing, river wading
Creek wading in the mountains last summer

Friday- Playdate/ Grandparents day. Hopefully between two sets of grandparents and friends we can give the big kids chances to play somewhere else and give us a little time alone or just with Anika. Maybe we’ll even go on a date!

Saturday-FREE DAY/ Shopping at the Farmer’s Market and grocery store.

So that’s the plan for us.  What are you going to be doing this summer? Any suggestions for how to beat the heat and the boredom? Do you have crafts, recipes, field trips, or other ideas? I’d love to hear them!

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  1. I can’t believe you regularly do your grocery shopping on Saturdays! I avoid most shopping on the weekends, especially the grocery store. At least around here, weekends are always crazy. I’d much rather go on a weekday morning. Saturday mornings are for yard sales for me–I love when I find houses with kids’ clothes for a quarter! I’ll try to think of some free/cheap summer ideas for you–I was going to tell you about the movie thing but I saw you know about that. Of course being so far away I’m not very familiar with what’s down your way. If you were here, I’d tell you to go to the mall and let the kids watch them feed the fish at Bass Pro Shops at the mall, and go to Chocolate World at Hershey…but if you had to drive all the way up here it wouldn’t be free anymore. =)

    1. Well, our grocery store (Harris Teeter) offers special weekend deals, so I often wait for those to start on Friday. Friday is the WORST day to shop, so because of that I often end up going Saturday or Sunday since I don’t like going (couponing) with kids. Also, if I get to the farmer’s market in the AM, I can get the rest of what we need at the grocery store. During the summer, I will have a lot more flexibility though, so it will just depend on what suits us best each week.

  2. I did alphabet days with Libby at this age. Picked a letter and did a snack, a craft, etc with that letter. Loved Family Fun magazine for their great ideas.

    1. Oh, I love the alphabet idea. We are doing memory verses (songs) for each letter, so maybe I will just pick up with the next letter, adding on the craft and snack.

  3. My sister-in-law told me about a website:; kids get 2 free games of bowling for the summer. You should check it out if you’re kids are into bowling.

    1. Kim, I did hear about that, but I’d forgotten. I will have to add that to the field trip days. Thanks!

  4. Let me know when/if you go to Dan Nicholas Park. We would love to meet you there if we are in town and if Adam is not in Preschool. Also, Let me know if you want to come up here for a visit. We are leaving to go to my parents house on Friday for about two weeks, otherwise, you’re welcome anytime! We’ve been making great use of our n’hood pool. And we have a membership to the Greensboro Children’s Museum (with free passes that you can have), and to the Natural Science Center.
    I was going to mention the free bowling, but I see that someone else already did.
    Adam likes to play Putt-putt a lot. It’s only $1. I know that adds up with more than one kid, but it might be worth it?
    Are there any VBSs that your kids could go to? Adam’s starts this week (Tues – Friday frm 9-12) at the church where he goes to preschool. But must Churches seem to have them in the evenings.
    Do any of your local parks have free spraygrounds?
    What Zoo did you go to? We could meet you at the NC zoo sometime too. Its about 50 minutes from us.
    Fyi-I’ve heard that the Dollar Stores have lots of craft stuff for a lot less than what you would pay from Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.

    1. Great suggestions Debby! I’ll let you know about Dan Nicholas. It might be August before we do that one. After this beach trip and then our family trip to the mtns in July, I don’t think I’ll be able to get the kids in the car for that trip for a while. Anika, particularly, is not a fan of the carseat. 🙂

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