Week 2 Update: A Blunder and Photos

I forgot to post that the final $3 of last week went to a watermelon, so there was nothing left.

Here’s the lowdown for this week and some pictures.  I swore I would never take photos of my groceries because of the lameness, but it turns out that I am just that lame, so there.  My sense of self worth is inextricably tied to my ability to get a lot for a little and to have people think well of me for it.  I’m sure there is probably medication for just such a condition.

So for the week we had $140.  I am trying to block out the first purchases of the week, but

-$ 5 Family Dollar-Wipes

-$15 Food Lion— Diapers, Tomatoes, Bananas, Freezy Pops.  Let’s all just take a minute to mourn this last mentioning of this particular store on my Blog.

Okay now that that’s done . . .

-$19 Here We Grow Again – 9 ADORABLE OUTFITS for Anika at the consignment shop.

$19 worth from Here We Grow Again

There was a 50% off coupon in the weekly MoneySaver flier (Local people, start saving that flier–there’s good stuff in there!) There’s another consignment shop in town that a lot of people tend to frequent, but I LOVE HWGA because they have a kids’ play area.  I dumped all three kids in there and shopped in peace. It was great! She was already wearing one of the outfits, so it isn’t pictured.

Farmers’ Market $22

– $22 Farmers’ Market- Eggplant, Sweet Peppers, Bananas Peppers, Tomatoes, Beets, Onions, Sweet Potatoes, Cauliflower . . .

Farmers' Market $22

Saturday morning we all headed to the Farmers’ Market for a wonderful family time and got what is pictured here. For more amazingly magazine quality photos that Addie took, see my post about the Farmers’ Market.

-$7 Chik-Fil-A– “Girls only” date lunch with Addie. A much needed mommy daughter bonding. I had a coupon to try the new spicy chicken sandwich for free, so I splurged and bought the Peach milkshake.  DIED and went to heaven. I love that shake!

-$6 Ross –Flip-flops for Addie.  We searched high and low in five different shops.  That child is insanely picky! Only her mother could be as fussy about this or that being too tight. 😉  She settled for a lovely blue platform pair with rhinestones. Utterly practical. 🙂

-$20 Kohl’s –Birthday present for my lovely sister.  This was actually my blunder b/c I had allotted the money for next week and spent it this week, so then I actually ran out of cash for . . .

$55 at HT; I saved $70.

-$55 Harris Teeter–I got lots of groceries and even more produce that wasn’t at the FM or wasn’t a good price. This week a friend of mine mentioned that she had stopped couponing because she felt that they weren’t eating as healthfully as she wanted them to do. I found this to be somewhat true at the beginning as well.  I think that I’ve found a bit more of a balance by telling myself that I WILL spend around $40 a week on produce and that the rest of my budget will be subject to coupon variation.  I used to budget about $100 a week and shopped mostly at ALDI, which doesn’t take coupons.  I could stick to that budget, but at the end of the month, our pantry was BARE.  Now for the same $100 I get a lot more. Couponing has a lot of ebb and flow; you just have to find what works for you.

SO, you can see that I spent OVER $140 and I was short $8 at HT. Acckk! I did not put anything back; I just charged the $8 and will move the money from next week since I bought the birthday present early.

Good news though. We are getting our new tires next Saturday and Jeremy found them for $400 with a $40 rebate. Hooray! So we will come in under budget on those.  So far, so good.

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  1. Thanks Katrina for sharing your shopping experience at Here We Grow Again with your readers. I enjoyed getting to know you and look forward to seeing you at the shop again.

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