Y or Y Not?

We have the opportunity to join the Y for a reduced rate this summer since Jeremy is a teacher. There are pros and cons to this, so I thought I would see what you all thought to help us make our decision. Here are the factors that we’re considering so far; let us know if you can think of others.

1. Activity for the kids
2. Pool for the kids
3. Place for J and I to workout with kid-watch
4. Good way to save marriage since J gets stir crazy when stuck at home
5. Much more affordable than other pool options
6. The cost per activity would be less than other pools, camps, etc

1. Would cost $10-$15 off of each week’s cash budget for the summer.
2. Might increase gas costs driving to and from the Y (About 20 mins each way).
3. Might increase food/ snack budget to and from the Y. (ie: “We’ll just grab something to quiet these hungry post-pool kids”)
4. Might make us sad when the summer is over and we have to cancel the membership since we probably can’t afford to keep it long term.
5. Probably have to say “no” to lots of paid camps and activities that the kids will find out about.

So add your pros and cons to the comments and let me know your vote to Y or Y not.

3 thoughts on “Y or Y Not?

  1. Well, from a selfish perspective, I want to say NO! because that will mean you have somewhere to go every day instead of being desperate for the company of me and my girls and any activity we could come up with together. But, if it were me, and I had the opportunity to join the Y for a discounted rate this summer, I woudl totally do it, no questions asked. So, I say, Y. But I will miss you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. ….I vote….yes. I think that the Y would be a great thing for your family this summer. especially the pool! plus, it gets you out of the “stir crazy” and allows for better sleep with tired kids. ๐Ÿ™‚ so i say yes.

  3. I say yes to the Y, too. We spent sooo much time at our Y pool last summer and now that they are not opening it up this year the girls and I are devastated. And I don’t think you’re kids will really care about the camps – my gals didn’t care at all as long as they got to spend as much time as they could at the waterpark. And you have a NICE waterpark. Definitely Yes.

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