Financial Information

Financial Information 2019-2020 Courses

30 Weeks of class

Payment OptionsFull Payment10 monthly payments via Paypal6 unit payments

via Paypal

*No commitment

DeadlinesDue Aug 1st, 2019Due 1st of month

Jul 2019-Apr 2020

Due Sunday before unit
Writing for Muggles

1 hr/wk

Global Humanities

1.5/ 1.75 hrs wk

Combined Courses

2.5/2.75 wk


No Registration Fees

My courses do not have registration fees; however, all registrants are expected to honor their commitment or withdraw before July 1st, so other interested students may register.

Full Payments  

Full payments are due by August 1st, 2019 or upon enrollments after that date. All full payments are non-refundable unless the student’s spot is filled before the class begins.

10 Monthly Payments

10 monthly payments are due by the first day of the months July, Aug, Sept, October, November, December, January, February, March,  and April. You will be required to create a Paypal Subscription for 10 months. All monthly payments are non-refundable. Those choosing the 10-month payment option are committing to a full year of coursework and payments unless the student’s spot is filled before class begins.

6 Unit Payments

(No commitment option.) Those who would like to take one unit at a time with no commitment may choose the 6 unit payments. Those choosing this option will be given placement in the class FOLLOWING students who are committing to the full year. Unit payment deadlines are: August 25th, Sept 29th, Nov 10th, Jan 5th, Feb 23rd, and April 19th.  Students withdrawing from the course after a unit should give at least one week’s notice.

Late Fees

A $10.00 late fee will be assessed for either unit or monthly payments received after the payment is due.


Send me an email if you have specific questions or issues that I haven’t addressed.