Five Minute Friday – Grit your Gritty Grit

I’m so excited that my little sister, Laura, has agreed to do a link up at Five Minute Friday for me every week.  Unlike me, she can think on her feet and come up with succinct brilliance in five minutes. (This is not a disclaimer–just the truth.) Let’s encourage her, so she’ll keep it up.  ENJOY!
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I admit, I’ve already broken the rules twice for Five Minute Friday.  Famous for being a rule breaker, I confess that I saw the prompt and then I thought about it for a few minutes while sending my 6th grade daughter off to school on the bus.  Now I am writing.

I saw the word grit, and two images popped into my head.

Image 1 – Returning home from dropping the oldest off at youth group the other night, the three youngest and I had a bit of a stressful harrowing ride home.  Gritting my teeth and gripping the steering wheel, white knuckled as my 1 year old screeched tired and hungry in the backseat, my four year old demanded loudly and repeatedly that everyone “SHUSH UP,” and my two year old alternated between saying “Mommymommymommymommymommymommy” and “GIVE ME your phoooooone.”

Oh, I gritted.  I definitely called out “Jesus, Help!”  I figure that arriving home alive was pretty much a miracle.

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Image 2 – No matter how much I rinse the broccoli from Harris Teeter, there is always grit left behind.  In the interest of spiritual application, I feel that the grit on the broccoli is like a thorn in my flesh which I cannot remove despite multiple efforts.  Of course, unlike Paul, I can just buy it from Aldi.  Still, I hate produce grit.


Then, with these two less than inspiring images in my mind, I stood at the door watching my 11 year old cross the street.  This beautiful child who sets her alarm for 5:50 am every morning and never fails to get out of bed.  I was struck by the tenacity it must take to do that at her age.  She doesn’t complain about having to get up that early, even though it means an hour on the bus.

Yes, there is a third kind of grit.  The plucky kind.

May you have a day with no gritting, and may your grit wash away the first time – but if all else fails, find some grit, and press on.

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9 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Grit your Gritty Grit

  1. what an awesome post! All your words just hit my heart…gripping the steering wheel and on and on. May you too walk through your day with some grit and press on regardless of how long the moooooooooomy syllables hold on! 🙂

  2. Very unprofound comment coming up. I usually buy broccoli and cauliflower at Food Lion because it just seems fresher and nicer and cheaper than HT usually. I wonder if it would be as gritty:).

    1. That’s the ironic part about getting it from Aldi. It is always grit free, although you’d think it would be “less fresh” since it is cheaper and pre-packaged. But their broccoli is the best. At 1.69 a lb for broccoli, and cauliflower at 1.99 a head… can’t beat it. We eat about 4 lbs of broccoli a week, so finding it grit free is of great importance. 🙂

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