Don’t Even Complain

The last time we camped together ALONE- OCT 2004! (Addie was in the oven though)

I’m going to tell you right away that this isn’t the Cousins post. And it isn’t the extremely humiliating post I am mentally writing called “I am a Dipwad.” Those will have to be written another time when I don’t need to turn in early.

Because, dear readers, tomorrow, my hot husband is taking me camping; therefore I need my beauty sleep.  Thus, this post is yet another linkydoodledoo-rerun.

Don’t EVEN complain!   You try blogging every day!

This post is from last summer and is called Rules for Hiking. If you haven’t read it before, you might get a kick out of it.

Also, even those of you have seen it before may find it beneficial to re-read because it will refresh your memory on what to expect from The Low Ryder Annual Trailer- in- the- Mountains vacations since we are leaving for this year’s Ryder Family Trailer-in-the-Mountains vacation next Tuesday.  If you really want to make sure that you are up to speed, you can also read this one about how we managed to pull off last year’s vacation for $132.

There. Now you will be very well educated in your Low Ryder knowledge, an excellent, albeit, useless bit of knowledge.  Be sure to share your useless knowledge with your friends. 🙂

Oooo, while we are on the subject of sharing useless knowledge, 😉 I would like to offer you readers the opportunity to lay a very thick layer of pressure upon The Funny Sister, who has not contributed a post to this blog in ever so long.  Here’s a link to her most recent, which was NOVEMBER!!  Maybe if she were to contribute, I would be re-inspired and not have to inundate you with re-runs when I get bloggers’ block.

So, how bout it? Can we get 10 comments, guilting urging, Laura to get her Funny Sister on!

Thanks! And now, I’m off to bed and then to camping tomorrow.

(So unless the Funny Sister posts tomorrow, you will be Low Ryderless until Thursday.)

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  1. please, pLEASE post, Funny Sister. reruns are ok (never did see that chocolate chip recipe posted though!), but i’d prefer something fresh. i’m waiting for a baby over here and I know that you know how much i need some senseless entertainment right now…

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