Top Ten To DO List Items for REAL LIFE

Good Morning Gals and Guys! I’m contributing to Oh Amanda’s Top Ten Tuesday. Check her out. Top Ten {Tuesday}

See down there at the bottom where it says “Author.”  Did you see who this post is from?  That’s right folks.  My coercion has worked.  Items 1-7 are courtesy of my brilliant and clever little sister (who apparently has trouble counting to 10).  Items 8-10 are from me, the boring old lowryder, picking up the slack, as usual because I love her. No pictures today because of what you will learn in number ten.

1.  Get Dressed

Not as obvious as it may seem, I can hear some of your murmur…  and I concur.  Perhaps you haven’t had the opportunity lately to lounge around on a high back chaise whilst some unknown other person laundered the clothes and tidied the closets.  Perhaps your eyes have seen what my eyes have seen…  baskets stacked triple deep, whites and darks and towels and sheets, neatly folded, tightly compressed, waiting, waiting – for the six fingered man to come and miraculously put them away with his awesome, yet sub-par fencing skills.  (Yes, yes that was a totally random Princess Bride reference, to those of you are in the cool club.)

Or maybe, like me, you’ve been pregnant or nursing without ceasing for the last FOUR years, and the ever enchanting and tantalizing world of maternity and lactation wear has given me two entirely separate wardrobes.  The “Maternity Clothes” boxes, occupying at least 47% of the entire storage in the house, have been pulled out at our current house three times now…  so I have got a system down.  But nevertheless, it could be said that within any three week period of the last four years, I have been either at the beginning or tail end of a massive clothing reorganization.  Which means that “Get Dressed” is a pretty hefty item to jot down on the ‘ol To-Do list…

2.  Eat Breakfast

This item on your to-do list needs to be separate from “Feed Kids Breakfast”.  That, clearly shown by the absolutely different words involved, has to do with providing food for the needy little darlings in your life.  Eating breakfast for yourself is something else altogether.  I even recommend placing one item just prior to this on the list.  “Sit Down”.  Want to feel extra productive?  Try adding “Say Good Morning to Everyone”.

3.  Kiss Your Children and Your Husband (or Wife, if, by chance, there is a man reading) and Tell Them You Love Them

Let’s hope we are all doing this without having to make any effort…  but for those who let a whole day go by without embracing and showing affection and verbalizing love to those most sacred and dear in your lives – clearly you need to harness the power of a hug.  It’s amazingly reciprocal.

4.  Pick Up Some Things Off the Floor

One day when I was feeling highly unproductive, and I just needed some sort of boost to feel as if I was making even microscopic progress – I stood at the white board where I make my list, and I turned around to peer down at the floor in the kitchen.  Jumbled assembly of dolls, torrents of tiny scraps of paper (undoubtedly band-aid wrappers), at least 400 unidentifiable plastic somethings, and an unmistakable sprinkling of food products throughout.  Suddenly undaunted, I whirled around to face the white board, taking the smashed down and half-dried up erasable marker in hand.  I quickly squeaked out my list.
Take Two Steps
Bend Down
Pick up Two Things
Stand Up
Place Items on Counter
It only took me a few minutes to get my list done that day, which was great because it had really been too long since I’d checked up on Facebook and I was able to whip off a few zinger status updates before the kids woke up from their nap.

5.  Eat One Thing Without Sharing ANY of It

This may mean you need to take your chocolate bar into a closet and nibble away in silence, beads of sweat trickling down your nervous brow as you frantically savor the sweet goodness, only to be interrupted by a familiar voice accompanied by the piercing light of the opening door, “Please, please, can I have some?”  But seriously, you can do this.  You give everyone lots of choices when it comes to eating.  They don’t always have to have what it is your bowl/plate/cup/cone/hand/mouth.

6.  Do Not Do _____________ Today

Try it, you’ll like it!  Set out to not accomplish something.  You can be saving one thing for another day, and don’t want the mental nudge, or you can pick an undesirable or pesky behavior that you are determined to avoid.  Avoidance can be success if you find something for that blank.  Today, mine might have read “do not do nothing today”.  And I would certainly be able to cross it off!

7.  Read One Great Blog Regularly

Yes, I am referring to  It is worth a place on your list.  You’ve come this far, why turn back now? And while you’re at it, how about posting a few of your favorite posts on your facebook.  I know what you’re thinking, “She doesn’t even have the Facebook ‘like’ button yet.  It is too hard.” I know, thelowryder is a bit of a techno imbecile, but let’s be honest, copying and pasting the link to your status would only take a few more keystrokes and I know that you can do it!

(Okay, that’s all from Little Sister . . . what does Big Sister do every day . . . . )

8.  Make Your Bed

There are several reasons for this. Think of this.  Covers used to be called “bedclothes” back in the olden days.  Your bed is probably like the ho of your house.  (Bear with me.) If you let her lay there naked all day, she is just going to keep calling out her sleepy siren song to you all day, inviting you to the lush, warm, pillowy goodness of her bosom.  If you put some clothes on her (no, I do not mean ginormous pile of laundry to be folded), she will be slightly quieter.  Plus, she looks so nice with her clothes on.  Following this analogy out to its extremely awkward end, think how much nicer it is to have a little foreplay, folding back the smoothed covers, fluffing up the pillow before falling into bed.  You won’t regret it. 🙂

9. Do a Load of Laundry

I know many of you probably have “laundry day,” and I do too.  Laundry Day (Monday for me) is the day when I do MORE than one load, but by doing one load every day, however big or small, every day, I keep ahead of the deluge. You may have read my genius anti-clutter tactic regarding laundry.   So whenever there is a full load on top of the washer, I do a load.  Almost every day there are enough clothes and dishrags, but if there is not enough for a load, I throw in some towels, maybe curtains if I’m ambitious, or at the minimum, the sheets from someone’s bed.  Since I have no regular system for washing these (other than after they get peed on), washing a load every day helps.  Yes, this means that you are constantly doing laundry, but aren’t you anyway?  Also, it prevents, to some degree, getting backed up to the “scary” stage.  As for wasting water, I have noticed no change in our water bill in the three years we’ve lived here despite the number of children or laundry practices.  Only watering the garden causes a noticeable spike in water usage.  Moreover, our clothes wash better when the tub isn’t crammed full, which it usually is if I wait till there is a backlog of laundry.  I end up washing these items a second time because they didn’t get clean in the “OVERFULL” cycle.

10.  Tidy the Kitchen, Tidy the Kitchen, Tidy the Kitchen

I probably do this 5 or 10 times a day, but I actually write it on my list three times. If you are asking, why, let me tell you. This is my main job and I want some credit for it. Crossing it off three times is my right and it should not be discounted by anyone.   I feel like a short order cook many days. I stand in the kitchen and deliver food to the brats delightful children who stand at the counter’s edge pleading.  I eat the scraps.  I know sings the praises of cleaning the sink, and I agree though I only read that part of her site and then couldn’t continue because of the cheesy maudlin sink-cleaning video.  Tidy the Kitchen actually has several components

Empty and/or load dishwasher.

Put food in mouths, disposal, compost bin, or trash

Wipe counters

Refill coffee cup

Repeat one hour later

Tidying the kitchen is a constant process, but when it is done, it is kind of like the emotional recharge to go onto the next thing.  Seeing that it is done by way of crossing off the words, helps me to feel better. Seeing that it is not done makes me feel like I do right now . . . .slobbish and incomplete.  Also there is the problem of hearing the ho-ish call of my unmade bed.  So after posting this, I have a few things I must take care of. 🙂

Thanks again to Little for gracing us with her presence. Hopefully, we’ll see a lot more of her. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Top Ten To DO List Items for REAL LIFE

  1. very, very, very funny! you two are so fun to read…because i can actually hear your voices. umm…you didn’t make your bed in college! despite my constant nagging…but i am happy to hear that it is being made now. too bad it would be really inappropriate to use the “ho” analogy when trying to teach children to make their beds…because it’s really quite good and clever. =) thanks for making me laugh out loud today. i had a good cross off my list day! =)

    1. I didn’t make my bed?! I can’t believe this. Or was it that I didn’t make it occasionally and it stuck in your craw, oh Tidy One? 😉 I feel certain I made my bed most of the time. What else would have been the advantage of the lovely coordinating comforters? As for my ho analogy, perhaps I have been reading too much Steinbeck– Hoes on the brain.

  2. I love this! I will try my best to do 6 of these today – all 10 would probably be too ambitious for me. And I have just completed 1 – reading this blog! So that leaves only 5 more to complete.

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