Week 7 UPDATE: Drowning

Our financial week has been a bit like this picture of Dylan.  Drowning, but happy about it. Where have I been, you may be asking? I don’t know.  Summer vacation has not afforded me with the hours of leisure time that I  predicted. Until now. J has taken the kids to the Y, so I am finally going to catch up by blogging like a fiend this AM.

This week we budgeted $160.  I will post some receipts and an admission. We deviated from the cash budget horribly. I don’t know where it all went. The post vacation shopping and gas spending just went awry and I had a couple of coupon meltdowns and it was my birthday. Here’s the tally, but if you try to do the math, you will come out as confused as I am.


+13 from last week

-$4 @ CVS: Newspaper and bag Pampers

-$25 Y membership for one month: best money we have EVER spent.

-$20 cash for J and Addie to buy birthday stuff for me

-$3.80 @ Harris Teeter Milk and Garlic

-$5 @Farmers Market: Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Green Beans

-$24 @HT pre-birthday shopping

-$40 @ gas station

-$41 @Harris Teeter for Super Doubles Trip

-Rest of money and then some.  I lost the other Harris Teeter receipt. Due to the beastly cash system, I have no idea how much it was, but all the cash is gone. 🙁



While the Y membership is awesome, we have used lots of gas in the to and fro, so that was something I did not account for.

So we are starting out week 8 with no money left from week 7 and I am going to have to do some finagling because my plan of spending less each week with the idea of saving some for our vacation is not happening.

Week 8 will involve buying three birthday presents (niece, niece, brother) and a date for me and J for my birthday.  But we are alive. The account is not empty and really no emergencies have struck. Hooray!

1 thought on “Week 7 UPDATE: Drowning

  1. Are you signed up for any birthday restaurant deals you can use for your birthday date? I guess it would be too late now to sign up if you weren’t already. I had fun using some of my birthday deals a couple weeks ago, although some I decided weren’t worth bothering with. Of the ones around here, my favorites are a free small dish of ice cream from Coldstone Creamery (way better than the free little tiny scoop Baskin Robbins will give you), buy one get one free waffle cones from Bruster’s, free burger (plus unlimited fries and a hot fudge sundae) at Red Robin, and a free burrito or other entree at Moe’s. Not that all dates have to revolve around food–since he’s off for the summer you could go to one of the free movies they show–and be surrounded by other people’s kids. =) Happy belated birthday!

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