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Date Night Expectations

$131 That’s how much is left. 9 days to go. If you subtract the $30 copay for baby’s check-up, that leaves $101, $11 a day. I could probably stop the e-mail there for accountability purposes, but as you know, I must elaborate. Here’s what we spent this week. $55.99 Harris Teeter Check out my post […]

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Check out Vocalpoint – Are Coupons Worth It?

Hi, I want you to take a look at : Vocalpoint – Are Coupons Worth It?

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Cheapness Background & Philosophy

I thought I would lay the background for our cheapness just for any who might be looking for some ideas.  Here are some things about our lifestyle that help us with our cheapness and give me hope for accomplishing the goals for the summer.  If you are hoping to become cheaper, try to pick at […]

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