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Produce Savings Awe-some!

As we all know, scoring consistent savings on produce, meat, and dairy products is ever a challenge.  Last year I tried and somewhat failed to grow a productive and efficient garden. As you can probably guess from the picture, our proximity to the woods means that fighting the deer is a challenge. Finding the sun […]

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Farmers’ Market

Saturday morning we walked as a family to the Farmer’s Market to get some produce.  While I was waiting in line, I gave the camera to Addie and told her to walk around and take pictures, so for the most part, she took all of the pictures.

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Week 2 Update: A Blunder and Photos

I forgot to post that the final $3 of last week went to a watermelon, so there was nothing left. Here’s the lowdown for this week and some pictures.  I swore I would never take photos of my groceries because of the lameness, but it turns out that I am just that lame, so there.  […]

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