FAQ about Classes with Mrs. Ryder

If you’re a homeschool parent thinking about letting me teach your children, you probably have questions about me, Katrina. Here’s a little information about me.

Q. Who am I? 

A. I, Katrina Ryder, am the teacher and mother to two of the students. I grew up in Waxhaw and went to Parkwood area schools. I have a Bachelors degree in English, 27 hours towards a Masters Degree and taught public school for 3 years and at a private international school for 2 years. I have led several writing and grammar workshops for homeschoolers. I am currently teaching Middle Grade American Humanities to homeschoolers. I have taught Bible studies in my home for many years.  I have been a substitute teacher in the public school system, including a long term position in a 7th grade social studies class.  I’ve been homeschooling since 2018, but one of my three children attends public school. My husband is an elementary music teacher at a public school.

Q. Why are you homeschooling?

A. Some of my reasons are specific to my particular children, but I started homeschooling originally because I feel that middle schoolers shouldn’t be issued computers or be online all day. I think this would be really bad for my children. I love learning and want to pass this on to my children, which is easier to do directly. I am pro-homeschooling and pro-public schooling and pro-private schooling, depending on what’s best for you and your family.

Q. How much are your courses? What does the payment include? 


A. Wednesdays 9:30-11:30

Middle Grade American Humanities: 30 weeks. Each 5 week unit is $65


Dates and Times TBA: Complete the poll HERE.

Writing for Muggles: 30 weeks. 1/hr per week. $280 or 6 payments of $55.

Global Humanities: 30 weeks. 2/hrs per week. $420 or 6 payments of $75.

Combined Writing & Humanities: 30 weeks. 3/hrs per week. $650 or 6 payments of $120.

Payment covers the course sessions and handouts or materials used for class. It does not cover textbooks, living books, or art supplies used at home for crafts. You do not have to commit to the whole course; however, if you are interested in ANY unit, please email your interest.

Q. Where is the class? Why is it there?

A. The class will meet at my house which is in downtown Waxhaw.  If  numbers are too large, we may meet at my mother’s house, which is larger and just around the corner. Offering the course in my home is most convenient for me and enables me to offer it more inexpensively.  You will need to sign a liability waiver since I am not insured against freely inviting your child into my home. If you want to organize a better classroom location than my living room, feel free to email me.

Q.  What about children with learning issues?

A. I am not professionally trained to accommodate learning issues or special needs. I use normal classroom discipline expectations in my home and, even with my own children, attempt to maintain a fun, safe, and fair environment.  I DO try to promote a lot of movement and interaction and group work because that is my motivation for these classes in the first place.  If your child prefers a quiet, traditional, low participation environment, my classes might not be a good fit. On the other hand, if your child needs to move about constantly, there simply will not be enough space to accommodate that.

Q. When you say how many credits something is worth, does that mean you are accredited or an official school?

A. No. You are the one to award the credit and the grade for the classes they take with me. The grade report that I give you will just be my suggestion. According to NC law, homeschoolers can choose the mode and method for their children’s coursework. You are just choosing my classes as the mode and method for a particular subject. You may expand or reduce the coursework accordingly, or just adjust the grade that you record on your child’s transcript.

Q. Are your courses Christian or secular?

A. Neither.  I am a Christian and that will probably come out in the way that I teach, but my classes are open to all students from any background. I invite students to discuss their beliefs if they’d like to, but I want these classes to be spaces where students can interact with people of secular and Christian backgrounds.  My courses cover history and literature, so they are not expressly Christian any more than ALL of history or literature is all Christian or all secular.  In Humanities we will be talking about cultures and religion, during which we will discuss the prevailing view of God/gods and the world during a particular time period.  We will study some people who were Christians and some who were not. I will encourage the kids to discuss religion and how religious views affect humanities, which is quite a lot, but I will emphasize open conversation and receptive approaches. Hate has no home in my house, so anyone is welcome. Christian and non-Christian students are welcome. I do try to inform parents about places in curriculum or YouTube videos where they might have concerns.

Q. Are you going to share a syllabus or outline? Can’t I just use your syllabus for free without taking the class?

A. I will share the outlines when I finish creating them. Taking the course pays for my enthusiastic instruction, interactive discussions, role plays, skits, art projects, driveway chalk timelines, musical renditions and other non-traditional desk-free activities with other silly kids.  Unfortunately, the outline won’t be able to offer that, but you’re welcome to use it and keep checking it over the course of the year for changes.  I used to be a missionary, so I believe in free stuff and generosity.

Q. How do I sign up?

A. Email me, indicating your child’s age, name, and units of interest. Please send a specific email rather than simply messaging me through Facebook or commenting on a FB post thread.