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Inside Out Study–All 8 Weeks FREE with Vlogs and Handouts

The eight week Inside Out Study talking about our emotions has just wrapped up, so I thought I would write a post with links to ALL the materials and videos in one place. It’s all FREE!   If you are getting this post via email, please click over to the site to be able to […]

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Inside Out Session 1 and Homework

Welcome to Inside Out Week 1! For Online participants and those hoping for a vlog to watch, alas, my bangs are not cooperating, so you’ll just have to be studious and read. Here are the full handouts that I gave out this week. Click the link to download the documents.  They are also available in […]

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The Emotional Jesus & The Inside Out Study

Don’t trust your feelings. The heart is deceptive. She’s just so emotional! Dry your eyes and pull yourself together! Be logical. Mind over matter. Don’t be overcome by your feelings. Make a decision from a list of all the pros and cons; your feelings will change. Have you heard any of the above? How do […]

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