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Inside Out Study–All 8 Weeks FREE with Vlogs and Handouts

The eight week Inside Out Study talking about our emotions has just wrapped up, so I thought I would write a post with links to ALL the materials and videos in one place. It’s all FREE!   If you are getting this post via email, please click over to the site to be able to […]

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Inside Out Session 1 and Homework

Welcome to Inside Out Week 1! For Online participants and those hoping for a vlog to watch, alas, my bangs are not cooperating, so you’ll just have to be studious and read. Here are the full handouts that I gave out this week. Click the link to download the documents.  They are also available in […]

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The Emotional Jesus & The Inside Out Study

Don’t trust your feelings. The heart is deceptive. She’s just so emotional! Dry your eyes and pull yourself together! Be logical. Mind over matter. Don’t be overcome by your feelings. Make a decision from a list of all the pros and cons; your feelings will change. Have you heard any of the above? How do […]

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Tone Up Finale: Vlogs for Session 7 and 8

Here we are at the end! Can you believe that we’ve been together talking about tone for the last two months? Spring has sprung here in NC, so I had spring fever and totally and completely flaked out on blogging Week 8, so I am just combining the last two weeks into one post. In […]

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Tone Up Week 7: Praise Him

During Week 6 of Tone Up, we focused on the tone we use with our kids, and more specifically, some strategies for using Scripture in our homes.  Here’s the video. Click over to the website if you’re in email. SO, just as a reminder, be sure to find Scriptures for each of your kids to […]

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Tone Up Week 6: Teacher Voice

Last week during Week 5 we all enjoyed hearing the wisdom of my friend Kerri who shared about using a positive tone in our marriages.  Here’s my brief synopsis of what we learned from her. I’m also adding a handout on encouragement that Kerri shared with us, which includes a lot of great Scripture. Encouragement Handout […]

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Tone Up Week 5: Build Up

This week has been a doozy with snow and ice and strep, so I am just going to cut to the chase since this post is already late. I’m not doing so great keeping a positive tone. ;( I am ready for them to all be healthy and back in school.  We talked about our […]

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Tone Up Week 4: The Difference Between Words and Tone

Welcome to Tone Up Week 4! As we reach almost the halfway point of our study, I’m finding that I am DEFINITELY paying a lot more attention to tone. How about you? The other day my youngest daughter Anika was explaining our bean jar to her cousin who was visiting. It was nice to know […]

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Tone Up Week 3: Dog Vomit

Welcome to Week 3 of Tone Up. I’ve got lots of a great vlogs and links and verses and fun stuff to share today, so don’t get overwhelmed! (Mom, I’m talking to you. :)) Firstly, here’s the link to the closed FB group if anyone still wants to join. Quite a few are joining in […]

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Tone Up Week 2: Dissonance in Me

Welcome to Week 2 of Tone Up: Taming the Tone in Our Homes. Last week in our live group, we got the ball rolling with examining our own homes and adopting some small strategies to change the tone.  Here’s the vlog summary for those of you following along online. (Click over to the website if […]

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