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Tenny Kids 88

10 Totally Uncool Things My Parents Did that I’m Thankful for Now

This post might also be called: How to Keep Your Kid from Becoming an Entitled Punk Lately I’ve been thinking about a lot of unconventional and counter-cultural things my parents did in raising my siblings and me.  I like to think their methods helped us NOT to become total schmucks.  Even though I despised many […]

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gluten free

Gluten Free FAQ

Today, I’m really excited to be hosting a Q&A with an online AND in-real-life friend, Amy Bennett, who hosted me a few weeks back for my embarrassing Cheetos confession.  She joined me and a group of other bloggers for Summer of 7 last year.  Since we both live in the same area, we decided to […]

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Pride Goeth to Food Lion (2013 Edition)

I’m re-running this post from May 31, 2012 because of all the pride kickers that I’ve published, this one kind of takes the cake. PLUS, at the end, I have a new little invitation for you. So today I start the Food challenge part of The Summer of 7.  I bet you think that I […]

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