Poorganic Splurge? What?!?

Posts where I tell you to spend lots of money are few and far between, but this is one of them, so you will probably want to read to find out what inspires me to relax my vice-like grip over our money. One of my budgeting victories was figuring out how to allocate money for […]

$205 Left 21 Days to Go

Here’s the truth.  I don’t know how I used to do $85-$100 a week for poorganic food.  I’m guessing that all my kids have increased their eating by a TON because we are spending this money pretty quick.  I’ve been alternating between vegetarian and meatless dishes and including lots of eggs and bean dishes, but […]

Short and sweet

After that epically boring list yesterday, I am going to cut right to the chase. Today was day four. It is 8:18 PM and everyone in my house is in bed, including my exhausted husband. (Starting school is hard on teachers too.)  So, there is no menu plan happening. Here is your update. I bought […]

The $500 month

Eating poorganically, couponing, and being cheapy-McGreepy are BACK ON, folks. This month I am going to try to return to a more poorganic diet and budget after seriously slacking over the summer. We are going to TRY to feed and diaper and consume all our consumables this month for $500. (eeek!  I’m a little scared.) […]