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Why Cash?

One of my problems with the cash system is the cash.  I was told that this system would give me a greater sense of loss and help me keep up with my money.  But I have a fear and likelihood of actually losing it–as in, money falling out of my wallet, pocket, purse, or a […]

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elmo with doodle

Raskols, Ninjas, Elmo, and the Metaphysical Conceit

(Scene: ALL–I repeat–ALL of my family is asleep and I am on our screened in porch with an ice tea enjoying the 91 degrees and 60 percent humidity. Yes, I love heat. No, I am not delusional from it. They are really and truly ALL asleep . . . shhhhh.) (To those of you who […]

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An Excuse and a Brilliant Recipe

For my loyal following who have noticed the absence of new posts, I can only offer the excuse that book club is tonight and I always wait to read until the last minute, so all day I will be reading. Meanwhile, my children will be tearing the house to shreds and it will be frozen, […]

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Cheapness Background & Philosophy

I thought I would lay the background for our cheapness just for any who might be looking for some ideas.  Here are some things about our lifestyle that help us with our cheapness and give me hope for accomplishing the goals for the summer.  If you are hoping to become cheaper, try to pick at […]

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