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Poorganic Learning Curve

Okay, the $400 a month Eating Poorganically budget has kind of gone to heck.  We did not do it this month. We are not even close.  We have a week to go and we are already over budget.  It is HT Triples and I am getting tons of good deals, so I just threw the […]

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Oh, there's the little mouse!  I guess I can't be surprised my kids love cheese when the ProvidinaTOR hails from WI. :)

Eating Dairy Poorganically

You may know that it was a conversation with my friend who told me there was pus in cow’s milk that led me to begin looking into Eating Poorganically.  I’ve decided to make it easier for you and me to understand what “Eating Poorganically” means by focusing on certain foods. Today, I am going to […]

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Poorganic Tummus Hummus

One of the Poorganic Foods that we’ve been eating a lot more of is Hummus.  Anika calls it “Tummus,” so that is how it occurs in my brain now; you will have to adapt.  We like it because it is cheap and easy to make, plus my kids are condiment-fiends and can dip their veggies […]

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Shopalooza Eating Poorganic Weeks 3-5

I’ve been on an “Eating Poorganically” shopping frenzy lately. I’ve gotten a little confused with the weekly spending allotment and the budget because of starting EP in the middle of one of our summer months, when we had been eating normally.  I should have waited to start EP with a new budget, but alas, I […]

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The Trouble with Satire

This will be quick. I should have known that using satire (defined as biting wit) would bring reactions that would be intense.  Why didn’t I think of that?  Thus it falls to me to clarify a few things after the last satirical post and the subsequent comments. Firstly, I’ve decided to add “MORE-GANICS” and “CURE-GANICS” […]

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bread and fish

Satire, Theatrics, and Soul Food – In Three Acts

Well, it’s been three weeks in the “Eating Poorganic” world and I have to say, I am learning a lot.  (If you don’t know what “Eating Poorganically” is, read about my little self-challenge to push my skepticism aside and eat real and organic foods on a budget.  I’m trying to alternate posting between my normal […]

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$6 for 3 dozen Farm Fresh Eggs from a lady at my church. I got the extra dozen since she won't be there next week, and we LOVE these eggs. Unfortunately, we already used 11 eggs in our dinner omelet tonight, which even ANIKA--the egg-hater, devoured.

Week 2: Couponing Poorganically at Super Doubles

I know this is hot on the heels of my post about Week 1, but as I am all out of money for Week 2, I’ll go ahead and post.  I made my own menu this week, so I’ll just show you pictures of what I bought and tell you about each purchase in the […]

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Consider the Source

Hooray, we got more than 25 fans, which means I can upload my status reports to Twitter!! Wah, wah, wah.  Who really cares about that? Boy was that ever a let-down. I don’t even do Twitter. Nonetheless, I am thrilled to have many of you as Eating Poorganically Fans on Facebook. Before we get TOO […]

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Week 1: Shopping Poorganically

This is the fourth post in the Eating Poorganically Series. If you want to read the first three, click the Eating Poorganically category.  Also, don’t forget to “Like” Eating Poorganically on Facebook.  I’m not sure what happens when I get 25 fans, but Facebook has indicated that it will be something cool.   The more […]

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Eating Poorganically-PiGSADGET

If you want to get up to speed on Eating Poorganically Series, please check out the first two posts by clicking the tab to your right. This is post  #3. I’ve spent the last few days inundating myself with information about organic and healthy eating, so that I could become totally overwhelmed, despair, eat ice […]

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