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Dylan with his favorite teacher, ME!

The Best of Both Schools: Homeschool & Public School Together At Last

I wrote a Facebook status last week about my kids’ education and the response was SO positive that it inspired me to share a little bit about my philosophy (my “pedagogy” if you will).  Here’s the FB post, just to get you up to speed. Teacher friends, don’t hate me for this because I love […]

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Emily (532x800)

Reflections from a Reluctant Teenage Locavore

Despite having disappeared from my blog entirely this summer, one of my loyal readers asked if I would share her daughter’s journey in locovore eating.  She undertook locovorism as a pre-requisite to her Girl Scout Gold Award project.  Since I have my OWN little Brownie in the house and have attempted locovore eating myself, sharing […]

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NC U-Pick Strawberries: Organic vs. Conventional Mythbusters

(I know, I know.  I haven’t written in six months AND I renamed the blog.  There could and probably should be a long, long post about why, but it is easier to just restart. :)) If you are at all concerned with the real or organic foods movement, you probably know that strawberries are among […]

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Do you Crock On?

I love a good, simple crockpot recipe. By good, I mean one that does not contain ninety percent “unreal” foods like canned soups and mixes with MSG.  My friend Stacy, from Stacy Makes Cents has just published a new e-book called Crock On.  It is a semi-whole foods crock pot cookbook. I reviewed the Spicy […]

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Pumpkin 1

Poorganic Pumpkin Puree

My friend and Allume roommate Rachel, who blogs at Occasional Boredom, is wonderful about finding poorganic recipes and strategies.  She LOVES pumpkin and is constantly posting recipes featuring pumpkin puree that DOESN’T come from a can.  Since we didn’t carve our pumpkins this year, but rather used “tatoos,” I had three pumpkins with which to […]

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Poorganic & Real Food Coupons for your “Normal” Grocery Store

If you are wondering whether or not couponing is worth your time, ask yourself how long you would look for a $20 bill that you lost? What about a $50 bill? Many of you may have expressed that it is a challenge to find real food at a reasonable price.  When we first started eating […]

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How to Poorganicify Your Recipes: 5 Easy Substitutions

If you’d like to learn how to “poorganicify” all your recipes, this is the post for you.  I have a few poorganic recipes that I’ve created, but most of what I make isn’t really an original invention of my own. So many great recipes already exist!  Instead of trying to write my own recipes, I […]

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Poorganic Splurge? What?!?

Posts where I tell you to spend lots of money are few and far between, but this is one of them, so you will probably want to read to find out what inspires me to relax my vice-like grip over our money. One of my budgeting victories was figuring out how to allocate money for […]

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Why the Cash System is Stupid (to me).

I told you we’d managed to buy all our consumables for $500 last month, but when it came time to look at the cold hard numbers, I realize I lied.  (Payday for us is once a month on the 25th, which is why we don’t operate on the “normal” month.) The problem is, I don’t […]

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The Poorganic Voice in My Head

Do you ever feel like the process of eating real foods on a budget is making you insane? No, I’m not kidding.  I mean, for real, like the whole process of deciding what to buy might be making you into a crazy lady? Today I decided to stop in at Walmart for the last few […]

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