Do you Crock On?

I love a good, simple crockpot recipe. By good, I mean one that does not contain ninety percent “unreal” foods like canned soups and mixes with MSG.  My friend Stacy, from Stacy Makes Cents has just published a new e-book called Crock On.  It is a semi-whole foods crock pot cookbook. I reviewed the Spicy […]

Poorganic Pumpkin Puree

My friend and Allume roommate Rachel, who blogs at Occasional Boredom, is wonderful about finding poorganic recipes and strategies.  She LOVES pumpkin and is constantly posting recipes featuring pumpkin puree that DOESN’T come from a can.  Since we didn’t carve our pumpkins this year, but rather used “tatoos,” I had three pumpkins with which to […]

Poorganic Splurge? What?!?

Posts where I tell you to spend lots of money are few and far between, but this is one of them, so you will probably want to read to find out what inspires me to relax my vice-like grip over our money. One of my budgeting victories was figuring out how to allocate money for […]