This is probably wrong, but

When I used to teach high school English, there was one phrase students uttered that bugged me more than any other.  I’d ask a question, hands would go up, and then I’d call on a smart, articulate female student who would begin her answer with the dreaded . . . This is probably wrong, but […]

Delight- Five Minute Friday

My brilliant sister, Laura, is helping with my writer’s block and pitching in this link up for the Gypsy Mama’s Five Minute Friday. . . Delight This instantly made me think of the new Hershey’s product, Hershey’s Delights. The first time I saw this product, my reaction was – What?  Really?  Now they are adding […]

The Laziest Blogger Ever

Sometimes, I am the laziest blogger ever. I cannot be inspired to blog about anything. When that happens, I dig through my archives for another post about when I was the laziest blogger ever. And then I repost that  . . . . Here’s one from last February. *************************************************** Once upon a time, there was […]

10 Tricks to a Poorganic Life

THROWBACK to the very beginning folks!  Since a few of you are new to The Poorganic Life, I’m re-running this edited version of one of my VERY first posts from May 2010, in which I explained just a few ways that we maintain our Poorganic life. Some of the personal details might be slightly out […]

Poor Kids Don’t Eat Real Food

Since many of us are in the process of purging our 2012 pantries of all those terrible, no-good, very bad substances like hydrogenation and high-fructose corn syrup, I’ve heard one question repeated on Facebook and the blogosphere. “What do I do with all this unhealthy stuff I’m getting rid of? Should I just go ahead […]

Caught You Blue-Handed

Anika (rhymes with Monica) is now such a big girl that we’ve gotten rid of her crib and gotten her a “big girl bed.”  Despite her physical maturity, however, she is still annoyingly babyish and refuses to actually sleep in aforementioned “big girl bed.” Every bedtime or nap, she climbs out, lays on the floor […]

A Quick One

Standing in the kitchen cleaning up the other night, the ProvidinaTOR says to me, “So it’s almost the anniversary.” He looks at me with one eyebrow raised. I smile, thinking to myself, “Wow, that’s pretty amazing that he thought of it in advance.” We met in 2000 at a Christmas cantata where I was singing […]

An Easy Decision

I have to be honest. I hate shopping.  So the impending onset of the Christmas season has been known to turn me into a bit of a Scrooge. The problem is that I am HORRIBLY indecisive. So when you add in traffic, crowds, bags, piles of unfolded clothes, and ME . . . well, it […]

Relevant Yet?

I got home from my blogging conference, Relevant, on Sunday afternoon, but I have been delayed in reporting the gagillion things I learned by the following: Sunday–My kids and husband were so cute and wonderful I just had to kiss their faces and bask in being home. Also, we had some serious pumpkin carving to […]

The Low Ryder Hates Change

If you are getting this by e-mail or feed reader, you should click over to the website to see that things are a little funky in what used to be the land of The Low Ryder. “WAIT!!”  You think. “What did she do?!” You say. “Where’s the LOW RYDER?” You shriek! Or maybe you aren’t […]