The Mom Creation Story

In the beginning the parents created the children and the home. Now the house was formless and empty, cleanliness hovered over the surface of the counters, and the Father was hovering over the mother. And the parents said,“Let there be a baby,” and there was a baby. The mother saw that the baby was pooping […]

How and When to Get Off Your Bandwagon

Imagine standing in a dusty frontier town, bustling with horse-drawn wagons.  Maybe it looks like Walnut Grove, or El Paso, or an imaginary town populated by Clint Eastwood, Kevin Costner, and Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.  I can’t be sure exactly who lives in your town.  With its clapboard walkways and swinging saloon doors, this town […]

A Horror Story Revisited

In honor of Halloween, I’m reposting this “Horror Story” from last December. It is much more fitting for today and contains all the terrors of motherhood, including disastrous messes, opened bottles of tincture, and growing up.  I’m sure many of you can identify. (Today’s horror was that the darling girl mentioned in the story below […]

Poorganic Splurge? What?!?

Posts where I tell you to spend lots of money are few and far between, but this is one of them, so you will probably want to read to find out what inspires me to relax my vice-like grip over our money. One of my budgeting victories was figuring out how to allocate money for […]

Dear Body 2012

A previous version of this post was published last summer, June 2011. By way of disclaimer, I might add that a week without make-up seems to be altering my sense of humor. 🙂 Dear Body-o-Mine, When I was young and hairless and svelt, I was paralyzed by anxiety and modesty; thus, I hated you. Now […]

Tales from the Beach

Since blogging at the beach on our decade old laptop is a bit wearisome, I’ve decided to do the ultra-poorganic thing, which is recycle some beachin’ posts from the past.  Here is one of my most favorite posts from the days prior to knowing that great blogs are 700 words or less.  If you are […]

Ten Things I’ve Learned in Germany by Erin

When I lived in Papua New Guinea, many of my wonderful friends and family members wrote me e-mails, chatted with me online, and sent letters and care packages. But there was one particular friend of mine who went the extra mile and CALLED me despite the 15 hour difference.  (This was before Skype worked or […]

Five Minute Friday – Grit your Gritty Grit

I’m so excited that my little sister, Laura, has agreed to do a link up at Five Minute Friday for me every week.  Unlike me, she can think on her feet and come up with succinct brilliance in five minutes. (This is not a disclaimer–just the truth.) Let’s encourage her, so she’ll keep it up.  […]