Quarantine Homeschool Tip #2: Easy Peasy

Quarantine Homeschool Tip #2 (For those who just HAVE to get started.) EASY PEASY Allinonehomeschool.com and allinonehighschool.com are a good starting place if you want EVERYTHING in one website for FREE. There are hundreds of websites and options, BUT this this one has ALL subjects and ALL grades. Everything is on a low tech easy […]

Quarantine Homeschool Tip #1 (AGAIN) DESCHOOL

QUARANTINE TIP #1 AGAIN!! DESCHOOL All y’all who started homeschooling right away to fight off anxiety and stress, PLEASE read my previous post and this link about deschooling. It is my experienced recommendation that you do not try to implement a whole new lifestyle and schedule this week. It is likely to backfire and frustrate […]

Why I Chose Shanan Tutorials

Transitioning from public school to homeschool was a challenge for my family, which is why I’ve been really thankful we found the 8th-12th grade classes at Shanan Tutorials. Our experience has been SO positive that I’ll be teaching three English classes there next year. Here are 5 reasons why I chose Shanan Tutorials for my family. […]

We Are Going to Homeschool

We are going to homeschool next year. There, I said it. I’m sharing this post a friend wrote years ago and hopefully laying some groundwork because the unthinkable has happened. I am preparing to homeschool two of my children for 6th and 8th grade in the fall. Since I have talked about our unswerving public […]