How to find Rest

Remember how in the last post I said I was tired? Well, I have been. And I’ve been a little depressed too. I think some of it is the September blues, but I also think that maybe I’ve been falling into my tendency to think that if I just get everything done, organized, scheduled, planned, […]

The Shut-Up Katrina Project

Okay, right off the bat, if you follow The Poorganic Life for the real food advice, do not despair. Since I’m going on vacation FOR FIVE KID FREE DAYS with my hot husband (WHOOT-WOOT), I’ve decided to rerun some of my very first Eating Poorganically posts from a year ago when we first started this […]

L Verse

Remember Letter Verses? That great verse memorization program from days of old? Well, even though I am woefully behind on our progress through the alphabet, we have pressed on and now mastered the letter L-verse.(Just in case you’ve mistakenly assumed that Letter Verses is for kids, let me reassure you; God’s Word works on old […]

J & K Verse

It’s time for the next two Letter Verses! We are up to J & K now.  Letter Verses is a way to memorize Scripture one letter of the alphabet at a time, using catchy songs (and sometimes motions.)  Once we memorize the verse, we give $1 to One Verse for a Bible translation project for […]

I Verse & a Stack

  FINALLY, it’s time for I verse!!! (If you are new here and have NO idea what “I Verse” means, go read this blurb about Letter Verses and then come back.) I KNOW! I know. I Verse is months and months overdue. You probably learned the Hate Verse in record time and have been sitting […]

Hate Verse

We’re BACK! As promised in Poor Kids Don’t Eat Real Food, it’s time we got back on track with Letter Verses. If you are just starting out with Letter Verses, you can check out verses A-G at the Letter Verses page above. If you, like me, have trouble memorizing scripture, Letter Verses might be perfect […]

Poor Kids Don’t Eat Real Food

Since many of us are in the process of purging our 2012 pantries of all those terrible, no-good, very bad substances like hydrogenation and high-fructose corn syrup, I’ve heard one question repeated on Facebook and the blogosphere. “What do I do with all this unhealthy stuff I’m getting rid of? Should I just go ahead […]

G Verse

To read about Letter Verses, click here.  If you already know about Letter Verses, keep reading . . . G Verse just so happens to be PERFECT for this week. Psalm 136:1 Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever. (Click the passage to view the printable verse to display […]

F Verse

F Verse is one of my favorites because it really impacts both my kids AND me. The verse is: Matthew 12:34 For out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.  (Click the verse to view and print the handy-dandy printable.) Wow! That just cuts right to the heart doesn’t it.  I feel like it might […]