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The Presence Your Family Really Wants This Year

(This is a rerun from 2012  when I was writing The Poorganic Life about eating real food on a budget.) I’ve been thinking about whether or not to write this post, as I’ve found myself facing a bit of writer’s block over the last few weeks.  See, here’s the thing.  This is the time of […]

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Where’s God in the Maze of Life?

    For the past several years, during autumn, I’ve worked at a corn maze.  If you’ve never been to a corn maze, the way it works is that after the corn (or in our case sorghum) is planted, paths are cut through the acreage, typically in some shape or formation.  Maze-goers enter the maze […]

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Cloudy With a Chance of Faith

I’ve been pretty absent from writing here lately due to a number of factors, but primarily because I GOT A JOB! Actually, right now I am actually juggling THREE jobs: my new job, cashiering at the pumpkin farm, and tutoring a teenager. And, oh yes, there is that bit about being a housewife and mother […]

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How to Teach Your Kids About Ownership: Raising Homemade Disciples

Hi Friends, sorry for being absent so long and HUGE apologies to my dad for flaking out on promoting his book.  In a subsequent post, I am going to explain where I’ve been (NEW JOB!), but without further ado, I want to share with you the 5th installment in the series from my dad’s book Raising […]

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How Much Authority Over Your Kids is the Right Amount? (And .99 cent Kindle sale!)

It’s WEEK 4 of my dad’s awesome series on parenting, featuring excerpts from his book Raising Homemade Disciples, which IS ON SALE FOR ONLY .99 cents this week on KINDLE.  If you’ve been waiting for a deal, THIS IS IT! Carpe Diem! Last week we learned about the 4 main purposes for families, the first of which is […]

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4 Purposes for the Family– Raising Homemade Disciples

My dad, Brian Tenny, is back! This week, he is going to share 4 of the purposes for the family as he does in his book Raising Homemade Disciples.  This is my absolute favorite part of his book–seeing him breakdown some of the parenting essentials in a holistic way.  I’m not much for behavior modification parenting books, […]

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The Flood Story – Raising Homemade Disciples Week 2

I’m VERY excited to share  another of my dad’s stories from Raising Homemade Disciples.   In his first post, I let my dad tell a glowing story about me and NOW, because I’m nothing if not fair, I’m going to let him share a truly horrifying epoch of bad behavior about MY BROTHER, Shane. HA! (What can […]

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Raising Homemade Disciples: A Crisis of Faith: A Giveaway!

Over the weeks between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day I’m pretty busy working my job as a cashier at a strawberry farm; however, my amazing dad is allowing me to feature some of his writing here on my blog.  Since he and my mom are wise, witty, and wonderful parents, I was eager to have […]

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Dusty Dreams

Start by clicking over to the blog if you’re on email because there is a sound track to this post. Push play and then read. This past weekend I went to Nicaragua with my friend Kay Bruner and a new friend, Annie Snyder. We went to lead a retreat for 90 mostly missionary women.  It […]

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Faith in the Valley: Our Whole Truth

  I am SO excited to hear your stories this week. Please take the time to write out your story to share with us in 700-800 words. If you are following online, you can sent it through the contact for me to share in the group or post online. Life does get busy and you […]

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