Five Minute Friday – Grit your Gritty Grit

I’m so excited that my little sister, Laura, has agreed to do a link up at Five Minute Friday for me every week.  Unlike me, she can think on her feet and come up with succinct brilliance in five minutes. (This is not a disclaimer–just the truth.) Let’s encourage her, so she’ll keep it up.  […]

Ode to a Sister

Hello Readers! It is I, Laura, the younger sister to a blogger who(m?) you know and love. Much like the giant overhead cup featured at Carowinds’  water playground, which tips over every few minutes when the level inside – fed by spickets from above – gets too much for the rocking cup to bear, I […]

Ode to Laundry

It’s Laura. This goes to the tune of the hymn “Victory in Jesus” (just the main chorus part, I don’t know if the tune of the verses is the same).  If you don’t know the tune, hopefully a) God will forgive you, and b) you’ll get something else redeeming and humorous from this post despite […]

I Love My Job

Hello, it’s thefunnysister (Katrina wants me to refer to myself by this title, but I really can’t claim that exclusively), Laura.  It is 11:00 am as I write… a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and coffee just served as breakfast, Lilia and Maddie are playing dollies in the den (a room we call the “Castle”, […]

Dirty Secrets

Hi, it’s Laura.  After initially getting the inspiration to write this post, I have wavered back and forth on the ultimate stance I would be taking.  Am I really willing to state plainly:  I think germs are good and keep us healthy…?  Or would I rather go the “between the lines” route, by saying:  My […]

Week 7 UPDATE: Drowning

Our financial week has been a bit like this picture of Dylan.  Drowning, but happy about it. Where have I been, you may be asking? I don’t know.  Summer vacation has not afforded me with the hours of leisure time that I  predicted. Until now. J has taken the kids to the Y, so I […]