Global Humanities for 7th-9th Graders 2019-2020

Global Humanities is a 30 week world geography, history, and literature course for 7th-9th graders (age 12-15). We will progress through six 5-week unit studies organized by geography to learn about the history, cultures, religions, and literature of the world. Our units will emphasize Africa, the Middle East, South Asia & Australia, Europe & Russia, East Asia, and Central and South America.  Classes will emphasize projects, role plays, and interactive group-based learning. Homework will include reading, online research and memorization. During the final week of each unit, students will present unit projects, and we will have a “feast” featuring food from the country of study brought by the class.  This is a content-based class.

We will meet once a week for 2 hours. This class will meet Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10-45-12:45.

The cost for this course is  $420 or 6 payments of $75. 

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Q. Can my older/ younger child come to this class?

A. No. Sorry.  Even if your child is capable to handle this material, the overall environment is meant to be for junior high students. My 7th and 9th grader will be in this class, so frankly, the parameters are to keep the class at an appropriate level for them. There are many great local co-op and high school tutorials that cover the same material, which I am happy to recommend.

Q. Can we just pay for and take some, but not all units of this class?

A. Yes. While there may be some missed understanding and continuity lost by not taking the whole class, each unit can stand alone.

Q. What books are required? What curriculum are you using?

A. My intention is to use MOSTLY online resources with the exception of our literature. It may also behoove you to buy a world map or globe. Each week they will have a study guide to complete by conducting research obtained from books and/or the internet. This will support my intention to have them learn to find good reliable sources. You may certainly have them complete their study guides using a history or geography texts of your choosing. If (and when) we find a discrepancy of information between information, we will discuss it in class.

 Q. Does this fulfill their yearly  History and English requirement?

A. Yes and No. This course will fully cover social studies and literature, but it will not emphasize language arts, grammar, and writing. While they will have written assignments, those will be graded primarily on content–not skill.  They need a writing class to have a full English credit, which this course doesn’t satisfy. Incidentally, I am also teaching a brand new class called Writing for Muggles, which contains the necessary writing component, but it doesn’t have extra literature, so it’s PERFECT. Take that!

Q. What does the course calendar look like?

A. Just click here to view the schedule.

Q. Can you tell me a bit more about yourself and your teaching philosophy?

A. Sure. Just click over to the FAQ about Mrs. Ryder page.

Q. I’m interested! What do I do next?

A. Just click here to register. If you have questions, just send me an email.

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