Inside Out Study–All 8 Weeks FREE with Vlogs and Handouts

The eight week Inside Out Study talking about our emotions has just wrapped up, so I thought I would write a post with links to ALL the materials and videos in one place. It’s all FREE!   If you are getting this post via email, please click over to the site to be able to watch the videos.   I did longer teaching videos instead of weekly blogposts, so you’ll want to watch those while filling in the relevant handouts.  I admit the vlogs are Katrina-amateurish, but there is a lot of good material in them!  I don’t charge for my studies because I consider it a privilege to get to study God’s word with others!  I use my free time to make these and since I don’t have a lot of that, I do the best I can.  Sorry there is not one full handbook to print ALL at once, but I find most of the ladies preferred to print them on a week by week basis anyway. The material and Scripture for this study has been a great blessing to me and has really transformed the way that I think about my emotions. I pray it will do the same for you.

Feel free to join the Inside Out Facebook group to participate in discussion. Here’s the introductory post.

Week 1

Session 1 Handout

There is no video for Week 1

You may want this timeline as a resource throughout the study.

Week 2

Session 2 Handout

IO Homework 2

Week 3

Session 3 Handout

There is a combined video for Week 3&4 which you’ll watch next week.
Session 3 Homework

Week 4

Session 4 Handout and Homework

Video For Week 3 & 4

Week 5

Session 5 Handout and Homework

Video for Week 5

Week 6

Session 6 Handout and Homework

Video for Week 6

Week 7

Session 7 Handout and Homework

Video for Week 7

Week 8

Session 8 Handout 

Video for Week 8



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