Menu Planning A- HA- HA

As promised, here is the revised menu showing what we did not (crossed out) and what we actually have eaten.   You can see clearly that the categories went straight out the window as we basically ate whatever we wanted and usually pork on vegetarian night-HA!

My birthday breakfast--YUM!

27 28  Pork Lo Mein Frozen Pizza and Salad 29   Fish w/ Rice Yes, we had this, but whiting is nasty. Monsieur Le Cat loved it though. 30 Broccoli and Bacon Salad w/ RollsTwo things, I realize bacon is not a vegetable, but don’t you wish it was? I made pork chops, mashed potatoes, and glazed carrots for my parents 37th anniversary and took it to them.
1   Chicken Enchiladas Mac n Cheese and Hotdogs 2 Pizza

Yummy lunch with in-laws at their pool.  I think dinner was some kind of leftovers or miscellanea.

3  Grilled Kabobs

Hooray for grilled kabobs and corn on the cob in honor of my b-day. I love colorful foods. :)

4 Waffles

Yeast raised waffles with fresh fruit, breakfast puffs, and sausage for my b-day. Breakfast is my favorite meal.

5 Leftovers

Veggie Lasagna that I had frozen several weeks ago.  I love when I am brilliant enough to actually do good ideas of this sort. It almost never happens.

Shrimp n Grits

Date Night for my Birthday. :)

7  Corn, Rice, and Tomato Salad

Chicken Tacos with our company in town. I’ve begun making a lot, including these, in the crockpot so as not to heat up the entire kitchen.

8 Barbeque Chicken

Pork Barbeque with slaw, corn, and green beans. Fabulous new recipe from my friend Amy. So easy and in the crockpot too!  Yum. Even Texans liked it. :)

9 Pizza

Chik-fil-A all the way We all dressed like cows and got free food. We went twice. That’s right baby!

10 Leftovers/ Cereal

Leftovers for lunch and then delicious beef tacos at my mom’s for my niece’s birthday party

11 Pancakes


12 Hot Dogs and Mac n. Cheese

Chinese Stir Fry & Egg RollsFinally I found a stir fry sauce that I REALLY LIKE

13 Fish Tacos 14  Tomato Basil Sandwiches 15   Turkey Burgers 16 ? 17 ?

I will draw up a schedule until next Thursday for what we will probably assuredly NOT eat. :)

5 Responses to Menu Planning A- HA- HA

  1. FranceyMama July 13, 2010 at 1:52 pm #

    im guilty… i haven’t even been planning. i’ve been making big batches of stuff (cous cous salad, rice, beans, soups, pizza, fruit for the kids and having them eat that. and in a pinch, peanut butter on homemade bread.

  2. Laura July 13, 2010 at 10:57 pm #

    I am not sure what made me laugh more… the percentage of not eaten, or the fact that “corn, rice, and tomato salad” was actually a planned meal.

    • Katrina Ryder July 14, 2010 at 12:48 pm #

      Corn, rice, and tomato salad is awesome. I will give you the recipe. I could eat it all day. It has corn on the cob and grape tomatoes and balsamic and basil. Yum. I want some right now.

  3. Megan July 14, 2010 at 3:12 pm #

    Would you be willing to share your veggie lasagna recipe? I need to try and use my crock-pot more too…I think I’ll look for a crock-pot recipe book the next time I’m at the library.

    • Katrina Ryder July 14, 2010 at 11:19 pm #

      Alas, it is just the recipe from the back of the lasagna noodles with a bunch of sauteed veggies like eggplant, spinach, and zucchini stirred up in cheese layer. But it was really yummy. I once spent hours making an uber-delicious one with a white sauce and lots cool veggies, but honestly I was too tired to appreciate it. There is a perfect balance to cooking. Good enough to eat, but easy enough that you won’t wish you’d just ordered a pizza. :)