Faith in the Valley: Our Whole Truth

  I am SO excited to hear your stories this week. Please take the time to write out your story to share with us in 700-800 words. If you are following online, you can sent it through the contact for me to share in the group or post online. Life does get busy and you […]

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Faith in the Valley: When Joy Comes Back

To start with, here’s the debrief e-mail that I sent out to those attending on Tuesdays because I think it had a couple good points for those of you following online. Thanks for another great discussion. Honestly, I felt a little discombobulated today and was having all my epiphanies DURING the discussion rather than before it, […]

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laundry time

Faith in the Valley: Naomi and Coming Home Empty

After our knock-down, drag-out with Hagar, Abram, and Sarai last week, I admit that I was eager for an “easy” match-making, love-story about Naomi, sweet Ruth, and honorable Boaz. Aren’t they precious? I’m gonna include the Scripture from the NIV in the text again. It will make for a long print, but you can cut […]

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Faith in the Valley: Hagar and the Desert

Last week rocked. Jeremy and I had the chance to go to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat last weekend before our much delayed Faith in the Valley meeting on Tuesday, so let me tell you, I’m still all “Go, go, go Joseph!” (That’s one of the songs.) Sitting down talking through the Joseph story was […]

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Dream Deferred: Faith in the Valley Week 1

It’s Week 1 of Faith in the Valley.  If you’re following along online, you could journal on each of the questions below after reading the chapters in Genesis about Joseph.  If you are coming to the Tuesday meetings, we will only discuss a SMALL portion of what is below.  Please read and print out this […]

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What is Valley Faith?

Thank goodness that a batch of ice came flying through NC in time to postpone my first meeting of Faith in the Valley! I am desperately  needing to figure out what I actually mean by FAITH IN THE VALLEY?  What is it? Who has it? Is it good? Is it bad? How do I get it? The idea of […]

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Mom Homework Fail and a Lent Lesson

Last week I found out that my middle child, my darling son, has been lying to me all year about his homework.  When he told me on a daily basis that he had finished his homework or had none, I believed him.  However, after a while, my tiny mind awoke from its slumber to ask […]

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Faith in the ValleyChildcare

Faith in the Valley (FREE CHILDCARE!!)

Yesterday I posted about the new You Go Girl! Study Faith in the Valley, which begins next Tuesday.  This morning, my awesome mother (grandmother of 11) offered to have FREE CHILDCARE at her house , .25 miles from mine, while we meet. SO NOW YOU HAVE NO TINY, WHINEY EXCUSES! If you are sharing the […]

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2014-02-13 009 (2)

Faith in the Valley

HI FRIENDS!! I miss you guys. I miss writing. But this season of life has just been really full of, um, not writing.  Oh well. The bleak mid-winter is definitely the time of year when I start craving people because being trapped inside (and with sick kids) leads me to an indescribable mania. Can I […]

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Being Careful & Being Friends

This morning I had to walk my kids into school because they were tardy.  This is because I made them do absurd and unusual tasks, such as brushing their teeth, clearing their cereal bowls, and putting on their shoes.  I truly am unreasonable .  After writing “Slowpokes” as “Reason for Tardy” in the log, I […]

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