Being Careful & Being Friends

This morning I had to walk my kids into school because they were tardy.  This is because I made them do absurd and unusual tasks, such as brushing their teeth, clearing their cereal bowls, and putting on their shoes.  I truly am unreasonable .  After writing “Slowpokes” as “Reason for Tardy” in the log, I […]

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Generational Good Girls & the Lifetime Math Problem

Warning. I’m going to write about my 9.5 year old daughter who could easily find out about this post, so  YOU MUST PROMISE NEVER TO SPEAK OF THIS TO HER. NEVER. NEVER. EVER. Don’t even read this post if you think you will squeal. Addie is a good girl. I would like to think her […]

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Book Club and Q &A with Kay Bruner

I know that I promised to blog more after my last post a MONTH AGO, but it turns out that having three kids in school did not result in as much bon-bon eating and blogging as I’d hoped.   Alas.  I wrote a bunch of blog posts in my head, but they never made it […]

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as soon as I fell

As Soon As I Fell

Oh Happy DAY! Not only did I figure out how to log into my blog again, I have a fabulously terrific reason to be blogging again. One of the ways that I occupied bits of my creative energy during my unplanned blog sabbatical was by helping my friend Kay Bruner with editing her memoir, As Soon […]

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Finding the Rest of My Faith Talk

Those reading in e-mail will need to click over to the site for today’s post. Here is the video of my talk at Flourish on Finding the Rest of My Faith, April 11, 2014.  I apologize for the video/audio quality, but I was just recording on my iPad. Someday I will teach myself how to […]

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The Mom Creation Story

In the beginning the parents created the children and the home. Now the house was formless and empty, cleanliness hovered over the surface of the counters, and the Father was hovering over the mother. And the parents said,“Let there be a baby,” and there was a baby. The mother saw that the baby was pooping […]

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Angry Christians and Finding the Rest of My Faith

This past week I hid about a dozen people and stories from my Facebook newsfeed–and not for anything obscene or vulgar or scandalous.  I have simply realized that my feed was displaying a litany of complaints and grievances from the minor to the severe–and all of it was from my Christian friends. One friend was […]

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Smallness, Restlessness, and You Go Girl!

(This post is kind of in the Finding the Rest of My Faith series and kind of a blathering mission statement for You Go Girl!, but PLEASE read it.  I’d love you to share it too.  I’ve kind of determined that I’m better at writing one long post per week than three short. SO, if this is […]

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Peace Like a River: Finding the Rest of My Faith

A year and a half ago (during Summer of 7), we went tubing in the NC mountains with some friends.  While the dads and older kids went up to the top with their tubes, the moms and younger kids started at the midway point of the river, just floating down through the calmest waters toward […]

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Snowed in with the Rest of My Faith: Week 3B: In which I talk about my wedding night

Finding the Rest of My Faith didn’t actually meet last Thursday night due to Snowpocalypse, but three snowed- in days did give me some insights into rest. I found that, unlike other holidays and vacations, Snowpocalypse was quite restful for me because there was absolutely no expectations of doing anything or going anywhere. My house was […]

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