Oh the Humanities!

If you’ve seen advertisements for my Global Humanities classes you might have wondered what “the humanities” really are. Maybe you looked it up on Google and thought the definition looked too overwhelming and highfalutin’ for 6th-9th graders. After all, “academic disciplines that study aspects of human society and culture” does sound a bit stuffy. Simply […]

On Grief and Love

During the last year and a half, several people close to me have died. My friend Sam died in motorcycle accident.  My Uncle Ron died from complications from stroke. My friend Patty died from ALS.  And last week, my friend and former student, Libby, the daughter of one of my closest friends, Kay and Andy […]

Sam’s T-shirts

(This story is unedited and includes notes to myself for future changes.) At Sam’s Memorial Service, his friends took all his old T-shirts and laid them out over the edges of the table.  There were old school soccer T-shirts, Jerseys from different national soccer teams, The Haircuts of Mao Ze Tzung, camoflauge T-shirts worn so […]